Loan insurance: what is disability?

In addition to covering the borrower in the event of death, home loan insurance also applies in the event of disability. However, depending on the contract taken out, the definition of the term invalidity may vary, since the latter can either be permanent total (IPT) or permanent partial (IPP). Definition, differences in guarantees. We tell […]

All purpose loan offered in the market

Do you need to improve a little before the payday? Did an unexpected issue hit you just days before you were paid? Don’t know how to deal with a sudden lack of money? Try pre-payment loans where you can expect early repayment and lower amounts with short paybacks so you don’t have too high fees […]

Loans fast changed online

The Loan promoted is a form of fixed rate loan with a constant monthly installment, which is repaid via the debt security made up of the bills. The funded amount is paid by bank draft or bank transfer paid to the applicant’s current account. It is reserved for public and state employees, private employees with […]

Loan Interest rate: amount, composition and benefits

A price, i.e. interest, must be paid for each temporary transfer of capital. If the price of borrowed capital is expressed as a percentage, the interest rate is used. The interest rate usually refers to a calculation period of one year. This is identified by the abbreviation “pa” (per anno). Monthly and quarterly calculations are […]

Loans changed: what are they, requirements and which banks and financial institutions to choose

An excellent solution for those who want to obtain a financial loan quickly and without having to submit too many documents is that of the loan with bills, a loan granted without having to show and present their paycheck as the payment of the monthly installments is honored by the payment of bills. We see […]

Serious loan without credit bureau information

Loans are reputable if the legal basis is observed. This includes an appropriate interest rate as well as the refusal to grant credit if the applicant is unlikely to be able to pay the installments due. With few exceptions, Credit Bureau information is one of the basics of domestic lending. In addition to any negative […]

Legal basis for credit brokerage

Credit brokerage is not a phenomenon of modern times, but credit brokerage already existed in the Roman Empire. The popular term for credit brokerage is the commercial brokerage of loans to prospective creditors. The mediation of loans is legally defined in many countries. The loan brokerage is carried out by a credit broker who receives […]

Foreign credit for the self – employed

In the first two years of self-employment, it is almost impossible to get a loan from your house bank or car bank. If you are oriented on the free financial market, you can apply for a foreign loan for the self-employed at the private lender or a bank and you do not have to be […]

Who can take out personal loans? | Variants and protection

It has never been so cheap to take out a loan. Interest rates are at an unprecedentedly low level. Retail companies use installment loans to tempt their customers to fulfill their material needs at short notice. Banks offer low-cost acquisition loans. These forms of credit are purely personal loans from individuals and are usually granted […]