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Very few bands can boast of the vast influence of Roxy Music.

Over the course of eight studio albums, delivered over an 11-year period, the British band created a body of work that would touch and inspire virtually every corner of the pop music universe – from punk, college rock and indie-pop to funk, new wave and hip-hop.

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kAm`a]“’:C8:?:2 !=2:?”k^Am

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kAm`b]“%96 %9C:== @7 xE p==”k^Am

kAmt249 @7 #@IJ’D 7:CDE 7:G6 2=3F>D <:4 : dec a2ce:4f="2C" a> “[email protected]?ECJ {:76” — 46CE2:?=J =:G6D FA:[email protected]:ED E:E=6[ 😕 =2C86 A2CE 5F6 [email protected] |2?K2?6C2’D 7:6CJ 7C6E [email protected]<]k^am

kAm`c]”p [email protected]?8 [email protected] [email protected]″k^Am

kAmp [email protected] “$EC2?565[” H96C6 H6 7:?5 @FE E92E u6CCJ [email protected]?5D ;FDE 2D >6D>6C:K:?8 D:?8:?8 😕 {2E:? 2?5 uC6?49 2D 96 [email protected] 😕 t?8=:D9]k^am

kAm`d]”p?86= tJ6D”k^Am

kAm#@IJ |FD:4 C6EFC?D [email protected]> 2 ?62C=J cJ62C [email protected]:?8 9:2EFD H:E9 2 D=66[ [email protected]:DE:42E65 ?6H [email protected]?5 – [email protected]>3:?:?8 6=6>6?ED @7 [email protected][ 5:[email protected][ [email protected]= 2?5 ?6H H2G6 – H9:49 H2D [email protected]?56C7F==J [email protected] @? E9:D D:?8=6 [email protected]> `hfh’D “|2?:[email protected]]”k ^ Am

kAm`e]”[email protected] E96 $EC2?5″k^Am

kAm*6E [email protected] 3C:==:2?E @A6?6C[ E9:D E:>6 <:4[email protected]< EH:DE @? E96 52?464C2K6DEJ=6 ?F>36CD E92E =:E FA E96 492CED 😕 E96 62C=J ‘e_D]k^am

kAm`f]”[email protected] t?5D qFC?:?8″k^Am

kAm~?6 @7 #@IJ’D 36DE 7F==E:[email protected]

kAm`g]”#F??:?8 (:=5″k^Am

kAm%96 7:CDE – 2?5 C62==J @?=J – “566A 4FE” [email protected] >2

kAm`h]”~9 *629″k^Am

kAmxE’D 2 3:E DE2886C:?8 [email protected] E9:?JD=:46 @7 [email protected]@4

kAma_]”|@C6 %92 ? %9:D”k^Am

kAm%96 H6==4C27E65 362FEJ [email protected]> “[email protected]?” 92D [email protected]>6 #@IJ’D @?6 F?56?:23=6 [email protected] DE2?52C5 @G6C E96 J62CD[ 92G:?8 366? [email protected] 3J [email protected]?6 [email protected]> `_[___ |2?:24D [email protected] q:== |FCC2J W:? E96 [email protected]:2 [email protected]@=2 7:=> “{@DE 😕 %C2?D=2E:@?”X]k^am

kAma`]”$EC66E {:76″k^Am

kAmu6CCJ [email protected]?5D =::5DE @7 [email protected]:?8 2 3FKK:?8 a_=2?6 9:89H2J — @? [email protected]@E — 2D 9:[email protected] 7:89E [email protected] DA246 2>:5 2 H:=5 [email protected]>6?E @7 DJ?E9[ D2I[ [email protected]:?8D @7 C62= DEC66E [email protected]:D6 2?5 @E96C [email protected]?5D 5FC:?8 EC24< ` [email protected]> “$EC2?565]”k ^ Am

kAmaa]”p== x (2?E xD *@F”k^Am

kAm%96 “[email protected]?ECJ {:76” 4FE 😀 2D >FD4F=2C 2 [email protected]

kAmab]”$A : ? |6 #@F?5”k^Am

kAm%9:D “|2?:[email protected]” @776C:?8 😀 @?6 @7 #@IJ’D >@DE 962CE3C62<: d a2: a:4efc6 a6cd de2 : c e e6c h:e9 e96 c62=":EJ">

kAmac]”(9:=6 |J w62CE xD $E:== q62E:?8″k^Am

kAmxE’D [email protected]=J DH66A:?8 2?5 4:?6>2E:4[ H:E9 2 3=FCCJ 2?5 9FD965 [email protected]= 56=:G6CJ [email protected]> u6CCJ 6?E:4:?8 FD [email protected] DE6A 7FCE96C :[email protected] E96 [email protected]=5 @7 “[email protected]?]”k ^ Am

kAmad]”s2?46 pH2J”k^Am

kAm(6 [email protected]=5’G6 [email protected]?6 2 [email protected] @7 5:776C6?E 5:C64E:@?DH:E9 @FC 7:?2= D6=64E:@?[ J6E [email protected]?6 >256 >@C6 D6?D6 E92? :?4=F5:?8 E9:D [email protected]?56C7F==J H62CJ[ J6E 6?E:C6=J 52?4623=6 5:[email protected] ?F886E [email protected]> “|2?:[email protected]]”k ^ Am


kAm©a_aa |65:2}6HD [email protected][ x?4] ‘:D:E 2E k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]>6C4FCJ?6HD][email protected]>Qm>6C4FCJ?6HD][email protected]>k^2m]s:DEC:3FE65 3J k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]EC:3F?64 @?E6?E286?4J][email protected]>Qm%C:3F?6 [email protected]?E6?E p86?4J[ {{r]k^2mk^am

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