The truth about Alexandria, the daughter of David Bowie


Iman has had an illustrious modeling career, working with brands such as Versace, Calvin Klein, and Donna Karan throughout her 13 years in the industry (via Porter). Iman and her husband, David Bowie, were determined to preserve their daughter’s privacy, while simultaneously pursuing leading careers in music and fashion.

For Alexandria’s 18th birthday, Iman posted a rare photo of herself on her Instagram account. Iman told Porter that after that she received several calls and messages from designers and modeling agencies who wanted to recruit Lexi. Iman said the reps “called me to say, ‘If she wants to, we would like her to be a model for us. “” Iman’s response was simple but firm: “No, she doesn’t.”

The sudden swarm of modeling agencies and designer label inquiries led Iman to urge Lexi to protect her privacy from the public eye. “I know why they wanted her to be a model, it’s because she’s the daughter of David Bowie,” Iman said. Iman hinted that Lexi might have some interest in participating in the fashion industry, but ultimately decided not to. “Have privacy while you can, because one day soon it will be public, so take advantage of it,” she told her daughter.


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