The five best uses of Mott The Hoople songs in movies or on TV

In the history of group names, Mott the Hoople is one of the strangest, perhaps because its origin is quite simple but difficult for many people to explain as they don’t know the novel that inspired it. . Before taking on this nickname, the band went by several names and had limited success, that is, not much until the late 60s after switching singers and changing things up a bit. You could easily tell that Mott the Hoople was going nowhere until they were noticed by none other than the late great David Bowie who wrote All the Young Dudes which ended up being one of their most popular songs. most popular which helped them become widely known. Throughout their somewhat short run the group’s history only dates back to 1980, they had a few roster changes, but it looks like they are now the most loyal fan who remembers them. They had a few. meetings in the past, and the group has another one coming up pretty soon.

Here are five cases in which their films were used for television or movies.

5. That 70s Show – All the Young Guys

Finding useful clips to show how the band’s music was used in various TV shows is a bit difficult, but it’s easy to imagine that Mott the Hoople would be one of the many bands that would be used in That 70s Show since this was after all when they were quite important and some of their songs were considered quite popular. Even today, it seems that some tracks have spanned the decades and are remembered by a lot of fans in an effort to keep them alive and their memory strong. When it comes to this show, however, a lot of bands received the same treatment.

4. Kill the Messenger – Sea Diver

Killing the Messenger isn’t as final as it sounds, but it proves a compelling point, when those in power want to cover something up, they’re going to find a way to do it even if they have to ruin other people in the process. treat him. Webb keeps digging and digging until he finds out the truth that a lot of people don’t want or are too afraid to step forward because they know what’s going to happen. But when he persists even after being warned and given the chance to walk away, his life is turned upside down as those he works against against interests begin to use whatever tools they have to discredit and harass him.

3. A Teenage Girl’s Diary – Roll Away the Stone

Honestly, it must be hard being a young teenage girl just trying to figure out where her sexual appetites lie. Being with her mom’s boyfriend is bad enough, but the road it takes as she continues to be sexually active is something that could ruin a lot of young women if they take the wrong direction at the wrong time. That being said, although the movie ends on a neutral note, at least since Minnie manages to leave Monroe and begins to figure out what she wants to do in her own life. Life can be a difficult journey as a teenager, but if you can keep moving forward without stumbling too much, things could be okay.

2. Juno – All the young guys

Juno is the kind of story you hope you never live with your own child, because getting pregnant as a teenager isn’t the most ideal way to go about it, even if you find someone who is ready. to adopt the child and allow you to still have something of a lifetime. The ordeal that Juno goes through during the film is one that many women have come to know over the years, and sadly, it is one that many teenage mothers have also faced. You can imagine what a parent feels when they realize their child is pregnant, but the truth is, the parents in this movie handled it pretty well.

1. Billions – I would like to be your mother


Oh the pressures to be rich. On the show, you can see how people tend to deal with pressure and how often they seem to make the wrong decisions when it comes to getting rich or staying rich. But something about this show captivated enough viewers and made it popular enough to stick around. It could have a lot to do with the cast given that there are some really popular names working together and the momentum they’ve created is just brilliant.

Mott the Hoople is one of those bands that not everyone probably remembers, but had and could still have a dedicated fan base.

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