Sex offender Gary Glitter to get no royalties for his song

The latest controversy surrounding Joker has come to an end, with the revelation that the royalties will not go to Gary Glitter for the use of his song.

Convicted sex offender Gary Glitter thankfully won’t get royalties for using any of his songs in Joker. The recent, eagerly awaited release Todd phillips The film hasn’t run out of rave reviews lately, but controversy has followed it every step of the way as well.

Joaquin Phoenix, who stars in the Arthur Fleck / The Joker film, has physically altered himself by losing 52 pounds, and talking about a potential best actor Oscar win has been a big topic since the initial buzz of the movie. But other types of buzz also followed Joker, some of whom have criticized the depiction of violence and revenge in the film, as well as its potential for imitated violence in the real world. In fact, just as it seemed like some of the biggest concerns surrounding the film had eased since its release, more controversy is still emerging around the corner. In this case, that was the song the Phoenix character dances to during the film, which was co-written and performed by convicted pedophile Gary Glitter.

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The song, Rock n ‘Roll Part 2, sparked a lot of concern and criticism, as many believed its inclusion in the film meant that Glitter (who is currently serving a 16-year prison sentence) would receive royalties for its use. Some have even started calling for a boycott of Joker, citing the questionable moral proposition to financially help a convicted sex offender by watching the film. The Los Angeles Times, however, has now reported that Glitter will receive no royalties from the film, and that those anxious to support the imprisoned former pop star by going to see Joker no need to worry. A spokesperson for Snapper Music, the UK company that owns the legal rights to Glitter’s main recordings, said: “Gary Glitter is not paid. We had no contact with him. As for the United States, rights holder Universal Media Publishing Group made a similar statement: “Gary Glitter‘s publishing interest in the copyright of his songs is held by UMPG and others, so UMPG does not pay him any royalties or other consideration.

The recent controversy surrounding the film stems from when Rock n ‘Roll Part 2 is played as Phoenix dances down a staircase, decked out in full clown makeup. The song had a long history before it was included in Joker, having also been included in Hollywood hits such as My stepfather, my parents and I, Childhood and Central pivot, as well as television series such as South Park, Office and Sex and the city. Oddly enough, despite the sheer number of soundtracks this song, as well as other Glitter songs, has appeared on, Joker is the first to receive such virulent criticism. What else, Rock n ‘Roll Part 2 has been a ubiquitous anthem at sporting events for years, long after Glitter was first discovered in possession of child pornography in 1997. The fact that critics are only now offended by the song’s inclusion on the screen suggests that Joker can’t seem to do anything without receiving harsh moral judgment.

Yet despite all of his problems and obstacles along the way, Joker success does not seem to have been hindered in the least. The film is set to become one of the biggest hits of 2019, and while Oscar nominations are certainly not guaranteed, Phoenix has managed to captivate and polarize audiences to such an extent that it is clear that ‘there is really something to his performance. Hopefully the inclusion of Glitter’s song is the last controversy that will be imposed on Joker, but given its rather dark subject matter and history, that might be asking too much.

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Source: Los Angeles Times

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