See Roxy Music reunite for Rock Hall induction ceremony performance


British art-rock group Roxy Music reunited as they were welcomed to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame during the Class of 2019 induction ceremony at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Frontman Bryan Ferry, guitarist Phil Manzanera and saxophonist Andy Mackay were joined by a band and backing vocals and kicked off with For your pleasure “In Every Home a Heartache”, looking like shadows, as they were washed with white and white lights. The keyboard crept around Ferry’s voice until things turned into a psychedelic spectacle.

They played a load interpretation of The country life “Out of the Blue” with Ferry in duet with Mackay’s oboe and electric violin. They followed this up with shortened versions of their Mermaid single “Love Is the Drug” and their biggest hit, Avalon “More than this.” On “Avalon,” Ferry slowed things down, playing keys and humming into the mic as the band settled into an easy mood. Ferry stood up again and led the group through a saxophonist interpretation of For your pleasure “Editions of you”. As the audience cheered, the group waved and smiled before leaving the stage.

The performance marked the first time Bryan Ferry has performed alongside his Roxy Music bandmates since 2011. Band drummer Paul Thompson and keyboardist Brian Eno, both inducted along with their bandmates, skipped the ceremony in due to previous commitments.

In an interview with Rolling stone, Mackay admitted that he didn’t think Roxy Music would be elected to Rock Hall. “I always thought we were a little too far away for the general American public, even though we have a lot of subscribers there,” he said. “It was very surprising to hear.”

Mackay added that the Rock Hall performance could, potentially, serve as a springboard for a Roxy Music reunion.

” It’s a possibility. In fact, we never announced a farewell tour, except in 1975. While we’re all still playing, it’s still a possibility. Who knows? It’s been a long time since we played together. Maybe we would find that a little strange, ”said the saxophonist. “Maybe the Hall of Fame is the thing that will make us think.”


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