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Eurovision 2022 is officially underway and UK fans are eagerly awaiting Sam Ryder’s live performance with his hit song, Space Man. Ahead of his performance in Turin this Saturday, Sam explained what inspired his number with Richie Anderson on The One Show, and revealed he will pay homage to some legends from British music history.

Singer-songwriter Sam’s Eurovision act will draw inspiration from David Bowie and ‘English heritage’ when he performs on Saturday.

Before hitting the stage, The One Show presenter Richie spoke to Sam and his creative director Dan Shipton about what fans should expect from the British hopeful.

Dan explained: “We want to be unabashedly English heritage on this.

“We therefore refer [David] Bowie, Queen, all of our big stars that Sam is now part of.

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Although Bowie and Queen have never performed at Eurovision, they are nevertheless among the most iconic artists on the UK music scene.

Viewers tuning in on Saturday night might expect to see Sam’s costume, set design and even dance moves inspired by some recognizable British icons.

Dan also confirmed that the creative team did everything they could to make sure Sam’s performance looked as good as it looked.

“We built with the lighting and all the screens and the prop…the prop, there’s a prop,” he added.

Sam already has the pressure of previous Eurovision failures in the UK on his shoulders.

Although the UK are pre-qualified for the final along with France, Germany, Italy and Spain as part of Eurovision’s ‘Big Five’, they have only won the competition five times on 63 participations.

Last year, the UK were awarded the dreaded ‘nil poi’, the first time they have come away with zero points since 2003.

Even so, Sam doesn’t take the stage Thursday with the sole intention of beating the competition.

He explained: “I can’t go out thinking about the scoreboard or where I don’t want to come. It just has to be your love for singing.”

Still, the British newcomer has a relatively good chance of emerging victorious by the end of Saturday night.

Although Ukrainian track Stefania from Kalush Orchestra is the overwhelming favorite to win this year, Space Man is just behind Italy and Sweden in BetVictor’s latest predictions for the final.

The One Show airs weekdays from 7 p.m. on BBC One. The Eurovision Song Contest final will air on BBC One on Saturday at 8 p.m.

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