Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry albums ranked in order of magnitude


In a way, Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry are inseparable, even though the band and their singer have taken slightly different career paths over the past four decades.

But in our list of Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry albums ranked in order of magnitude, you’ll also see a pattern of familiarity between the two artists that goes beyond the milky tenor of Ferry’s voice.

From the band’s self-titled debut album to Ferry’s most recent solo work, neither artist has ever taken the safest direction. Even when they seemed to stray from what we expected of them – like, say, Roxy Music‘s disco tours in the late ’70s and Ferry’s various cover albums over the years – both continued. to surprise and enthuse us with their work.

Roxy Music produced eight albums during the decade 1972-1982; Ferry released a handful of records during Roxy’s run – his first solo LP came out between the band’s second and third albums – and has been primarily a consistent solo artist since their breakup, never leaving more than six years between records. .

The same thing that made Roxy Music’s albums so exciting, and made them one of the best and most influential bands of the ’70s, has been found in pretty much every Ferry solo album: that feeling to defy expectations and dodge when fans are looking for a right. How else to explain Ferry’s Roxy Music cover album made in the style of a jazz band from the 1920s?

If you’re not familiar with Roxy Music’s excellent catalog – they’ve only had one Top 40 hit in the US – start with the records at the top of the following list of Roxy Music albums. and Bryan Ferry ranked in order of magnitude, and then get off. There is fun to be found every step of the way.


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