RIP Overend Watts by Mott The Hoople 1947-2017

Overend Watts, bassist for Mott The Hoople, has died at the age of 69.

Peter Overend Watts was a founding member of Mott The Hoople when the group was originally known as The Buddies. In what looks like a Monty Python sketch, they went on to become Doc Thomas Group, then The Shakedown Sound, then Silence before settling on Mott The Hoople when singer Ian Hunter joined the group in 1969.

Mott The Hoople was best known for the song ‘All The Young Dudes’, written for them by David Bowie. Bowie would later include the song in his own set.

Between 1969 and 1976, Mott The Hoople released nine albums. The last two came out as Mott.

In 2009, Watts reformed Mott The Hoople for a 40th anniversary show. They gave five shows. Mott The Hoople’s last reunion was in 2013 with Martin Chambers of The Pretenders on drums.

Overend Watts released his book “The Man Who Hated To Walk” in 2013.

Mott The Hoople frontman Ian Hunter has announced Watts’ passing. “My extremely eccentric and adorable companion – Peter Overend Watts – has left the building,” he said.
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