Retrospective: Glam Rock | Gary Glitter

September 2, 1972: Britain’s first purpose-built rock arena opens in Manchester, but everyone’s talking about David Bowie, the new glam star headlining

Metal Guru by T. Rex on Top of the Pops, 1972

September 17, 1977: Marc Bolan dies at 29 in a car accident in South West London. The T. Rex star has been credited as one of the main instigators of glam rock. “The little imp opened the door,” Bowie said.

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers in Velvet Goldmine, 1998. Photograph: Allstar / Cinetext / CHANNEL 4 Photograph: Allstar / Cinetext / CANAL 4

April 23, 1999: Velvet Goldmine, a film about a fictional glam pop star, is reviewed in the Guardian. The cast includes Eddie Izzard and Ewan McGregor

Gary glitter
Gary Glitter at the Rainbow Theater, London, 1974. Photograph: Ilpo Musto / Rex Features Photograph: Ilpo Musto / Rex Features

November 13, 1999: Gary Glitter or the sordid fall of the Leader of the Gang. His career ended when he was convicted of possession of child pornography. He must be charged with sex offenses in connection with Operation Yewtree

April 2, 2001: David Bowie remembers the glam in the foreword he wrote for Mick rockcollection of classic photographs from the glam rock era, Blood and glitter

October 14, 2008: Why Americans Don’t Have Glam Rock and Slade Never Crossed the Atlantic

Jobriath on the NBC Midnight Special, 1974

March 28, 2012: Marc Almond writes about Jobriath’s very brief life and career. He was one of the few American singers who ever tried his hand at glam, but was just ridiculed as a Ziggy Stardust plagiarist.

June 17, 2012: Alexis Petridis’ opinion Cable, a new book on the glam era

February 1, 2013: The 20 best glam rock songs of all time, from T. Rex’s Hot Love to Sweet’s The Sixteens

February 6, 2013: The roots, platform bounty, and decline of the glam rock era in an interactive Guardian

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