Pick Six: Praise of Mott the Hoople, “The Dirt”, Roxy Music, Donna Grantis, more

Tim McKenna from Minneapolis:

1 Roxy Music inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. No Eno. No Paul Thompson. No matter. Americans know Roxy Music as Bryan Ferry’s former band. It was high time that this very influential group was inducted. You can blame him for some of the 80s, the New Romantics movement in particular.

2 Mott le Hoople, First Ave. All of the Old Dudes came out for this (last?) show, and nearly 80-year-old frontman Ian Hunter did not disappoint. Mott rocked pretty hard for a dinosaur. And Hunter wept over the legendary Maltese crossover guitar. Cheerio, buddy! They are another glaring oversight from Rock Hall.

3 “The Dirt”, Netflix. Now, I never liked Mötley Crüe, but thanks to MTV, I knew all the names of Crüe members. This Nikki Sixx bio movie is hysterical. Nail the LA look of the era. Unparalleled debauchery? You decide.

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Jon Bream of the Star Tribune:

1 Saucerful of Secrets by Nick Mason, the Orpheum. This new Pink Floyd tribute band has definitely passed the acid test, thanks to Floyd drummer Mason and his pals exploring the trippy pre-“Dark Side of the Moon” catalog. Props for singer-guitarist Gary Kemp, who has come a long way from Spandau Ballet.

2 Mott le Hoople, First Ave. On their first US tour in 45 years, these aging glam rockers played timeless, carefree rock ‘n’ roll with vigour, swagger and spirit. An unexpected thrill. Bis!

3 Donna Grantis, “The Future Is”. At her Dakota album release party, she rehearsed with an unrecorded instrument on which she skillfully channeled various Prince guitar licks in her own style.

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