Peter Frampton to cover George Harrison and David Bowie on new album

Peter Frampton will release an album of fully instrumental covers, Frampton forgets the words, April 23.

The guitar legend has recorded songs from notables such as his childhood friend David Bowie (“Loving the Alien”), George Harrison (“Isn’t It a Pity”), Roxy Music (“Avalon”), Sly & the Family Stone (“If You Want Me To Stay”) and Lenny Kravitz (“Are You Gonna Go My Way”).

Frampton is in preview Frampton forgets the words with “Reckoner”, a song originally released by Radiohead on their 2007 album In the rainbows.

You can watch the video of the track below.

“This album is a collection of 10 of my favorite music tracks,” the guitarist said in a press release. “My guitar is a voice too, and I’ve always loved playing my favorite vocal lines that we all know and love. These songs are my great band and I pay homage to the original creators of this wonderful music. So much fun to make, and i really hope you enjoy it too.

This will be Frampton’s second instrumental album, following the Grammy-winning one in 2007. Fingerprints. This new record was recorded in his home studio in Nashville and co-produced by Frampton and Chuck Ainlay.

Frampton used his 1954 Gibson Les Paul – the same one heard on his most famous recordings – throughout the album. The instrument was reportedly destroyed in a plane crash in 1980, but was discovered and returned to him in 2012.

You can see the track list for Frampton forgets the words below.

Peter Frampton, ‘Frampton Forgets the Words’ tracklist
1. “If you want me to stay” (Sly & the Family Stone)
2. “Reckoner” (radio head)
3. “Dreamland” (Michael Colombier feat. Jaco Pastorius)
4. “One more grief” (Marvin Gaye)
5. “Avalon” (Roxy Music)
6. “Ain’t that too bad” (George Harrison)
7. “I don’t know why” (Stevie Wonder)
8. “You will go my way” (Lenny Kravitz)
9. “Loving the Alien” (David Bowie)
10. “Maybe” (Alison Krauss)

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