Pete Overend Watts, bassist with Mott the Hoople – obituary

Watts continued for some time as a member of the new British Lions squad, before retiring to run his own store in Hereford. The Dinosaw Market specialized in 1970s fashion, “crazy souvenirs” and second-hand records.

Born in Birmingham on May 13, 1947, Peter Overend Watts moved to Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire at the age of 13. Inspired by Hank Marvin, he started electric guitar at Ross Grammar School.

Another student was Dale Griffin, already a talented drummer, and they performed together as Anchors, performing mainly in their local pub Hope & Anchor.

Griffin adopted the nickname “Sniffing” Griffin, but Watts, who had a knack for diving, preferred “That Little Snigger Buffin”. He stayed, and Griffin was “Buffin” forever. In 1965 Watts switched to bass guitar and was playing semi-professionally with various bands, including the Buddies with Mick Ralphs. They toured in Europe and recorded an album in Italy under the name of Doc Thomas Group.

Back in Britain in 1969, they chose Ian Hunter to replace singer Stan Tippins. Under the direction of new manager, Guy Stevens of Island Records, the band resurfaced as Mott the Hoople. At Stevens’ insistence, Pete Watts also gave up his first name to become Overend.

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