Pedophile pop star Gary Glitter got a COVID vaccine before you did because it makes sense

There is a race to get the coronavirus vaccine. So far, shooting has only been offered to select groups of people: the elderly, healthcare workers and people with certain medical conditions. While understandable that these populations are on the front lines, the moral hierarchy (or lack thereof) of the rest of the vaccine rollout is mind-boggling.

For example: convicted pedophile and former pop star Gary Glitter recently received a COVID vaccine. The 76-year-old inmate – real name Paul Gadd – was among those vaccinated at The Verne (aka the “luxury Alcatraz”), a British prison. He is serving a 16-year sentence there for assaulting three girls – one under the age of 13 – in the 1970s. This is his third time in prison for crimes related to pedophilia.

While UK government officials say prisoners “are vaccinated along with the general public,” David Spencer of the Center for Crime Prevention told The Sun the system “needs an urgent overhaul.” He continued, “There are still a lot of key workers and vulnerable people getting their jabs. It is wrong to distinguish the criminals before them.

One could argue that criminals do not deserve to be vaccinated before the rest of the general public (and the law-abiding public); others might argue that because inmates cannot socially distance themselves, the risk of transmission is higher for those behind bars and could be more deadly. But in the case of people (no, animals) like Glitter, wouldn’t coronavirus death be a form of poetic justice?

And speaking of justice, is it fair that Glitter receives a blow when his victims, who are decades younger than him, have to queue for their turn?

“You have prisons where there is a large group of older sex offenders, all between the ages of 70 and 80,” a source told The Sun. “Because of their age, they will get the vaccine first. But if you’re a prison warden taking care of Glitter and you haven’t been given the jab, you won’t be happy.

Obviously, if we were in charge, there would be a very different approach to distributing the vaccine. Since we are not, we can only hope that the newly vaccinated Glitter gets his due thanks to the prison guards or his fellow inmates, to whom there is no immunity.

Cover photo: Peter Dazeley / Contributor (Getty Images)


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