Pedophile Gary Glitter set to make his fortune in prison thanks to blockbuster Joker


Pedophile Gary Glitter is set to make his fortune from royalties from the new blockbuster Joker.

The child molester helped write the song Rock and Roll Part 2 which is used for two minutes in a key scene in the new movie.

Joaquin Phoenix, who plays the comic book villain, can be seen dancing down a staircase to the song.

The Joker comes down those stairs to the song Rock and Roll Part 2

Furious moviegoers have rampaged over the choice to include the track, which is expected to earn thousands of convicted pedophiles.

David Farmer said: “Joker was brilliant. I loved every minute of it. Joaquin is a definitive Oscar nominee after that. Craziest was Gary Glitter being on the soundtrack and in an integral scene. I couldn’t understand. People look at each other like “is that what I’m thinking?”

Another Twitter user said: “Hope you all know the song Joker is dancing on the steps is a song by convicted pedophile Gary Glitter.”

Gary Glitter

Braden said: “I just watched this new joker movie surprised to hear a Gary Glitter song on it, thinking his songs had been banned forever.”

Twitter user Gina wrote: “I am disgusted that the #Joker the film uses Gary Glitter’s “Rock and Roll Part 2″. When are we, as a society, going to stop paying royalties to celebrities who rape our children. ”

Another movie buff wrote: “I noticed this while watching, I thought it was in bad taste!”

Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker

It is understood that he will receive a salary commensurate with the success of the film as well as the sales of the DVD and the soundtrack.

Gary Glitter, 75, is currently serving a prison sentence after being convicted of attempted rape, indecent assault and sex with a child under 13.

He was found with thousands of indecent images on his laptop in 1999 and jailed in Vietnam in 2006 for assaulting two girls aged 11 and 12.

The film noir shows comedian Arthur Fleck’s transformation of Joker into an iconic villain.

It broke October box office records, taking £ 114million internationally.


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