Over 100 PlayStations Seized From Pedos In Prison Gary Glitter Is Being Held Over Fears Of Online Abuse

OVER 100 PlayStations have been seized from pedophiles in the prison where Gary Glitter is being held.

There are concerns that sick perverts may use Sony gaming devices to exchange abuse online and even to contact children outside.


The entrance to HMP Verne in Portland in DorsetCredit: PA: Press Association
Gary Glitter is in a cage at Verne prison


Gary Glitter is in a cage at Verne prisonCredit: Metropolitan Police

The disadvantages are forbidden to use the web in prison. But sources said last night that a group of sex offenders smuggled tiny USB drives to access the internet.

The raid took place last week as part of a massive intelligence operation at Verne Prison near Portland, Dorset, home to child rocker Glitter.

Officers toured the cells removing every PlayStation from the prison, which only houses sex offenders.

A source said yesterday: “The officers swept away the cells, taking everyone away.

“The devices will now be reviewed and any concerns will be escalated to the police.

“The suggestion is that the inmates may have used the Internet to exchange inappropriate content, messages or even images about children.”

Conservative MP Nigel Mills said, “It’s a shame. He needs an urgent internal investigation as well as a police investigation. ”

It is understood that Glitter was not involved.

More than 100 PlayStations were seized from pedos in prison


More than 100 PlayStations were seized from pedos in prisonCredit: Getty – Contributor
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