Mott the Hoople Reunion Tour Returns to the US (Exclusive)

Mott the Hoople’s spring reunion tour, their first in America in 45 years, brought joy to many fans in the US – and heartbreak to many more, as the band only played a handful of cities, concentrated mainly in the northeast. Leader Ian Hunter had indicated that this could well be the case for the reconstituted formation. But now the band have plans to return after all, and hit parts of the country overlooked on the previous mini-tour, including Los Angeles, previously the source of much clamor to be ignored.

The fall tour will hit 11 cities from October 21 to November 6 – still not a huge number of dates, but representing a much more geographically diverse trek, for fans who couldn’t travel across the country the first time around.

Hunter issued a statement to Variety explaining his turnaround: “To whom it may concern and to those who are not: When I came out in April of this year with Mott the Hoople ’74, I really had no idea what to expect. It was pretty overwhelming, to say the least. The only downside was that we didn’t get to play with people from the South, and there were quite a few groans from the West Coast as well. Let’s hope this clarifies the situation somewhat. We arrive!”

The tour kicks off in the Northeast, with dates in New York and Washington, D.C., for anyone who needs a first-round replay in those regions, before moving on to Atlanta, Nashville, Dallas, Austin, Scottsdale , LA, Oakland, Portland and Seattle.

A Spotify Fans First presale begins July 30 at 10 a.m. local time. Additional ticketing information can be found here.

Reviews for the brief spring run were generally ecstatic, with Variety calling it “the great rock resurrection of 2019” in a report of their appearance in Philadelphia.

In a separate interview with Variety in the spring, Hunter explained why no dates had been added in other parts of the country at the time. “We were already booked in Europe” for the coming months, he said. “The American side has been nailed to the front. So we have to leave when we have to leave. There’s nothing planned after that, I’m sorry to say. But no one contacted us on the west coast. Either your promoters didn’t think it would work there, or…” He trailed off. “I’m sorry about that. But we have to ask you before we go somewhere!

Some West Coast music buzzers doubted it could really be true that West Coast promoters had had no interest. But either way, Hunter already seemed to have his doubts about making it a limited run by the time Variety caught up with him on the tour later. “I love it,” he confessed. And Fisher more than anyone hoped for a resumption: “I don’t know what will happen after this tour. But it surely shows people that we can do it. So if promoters in other regions had doubts about our ability to do this, I think the proof is now there. … To all those who say, ‘Why didn’t you come to the West Coast?’ – I’m just saying, ‘Hold that thought. Just hold that thought. Do not abandon. … This show is worth streaming, I think.

And so it will be… albeit in a limited enough form that Memphis fans will have to travel all the way to Nashville.

Now, like earlier in the year, the band officially bill themselves as Mott the Hoople ’74, out of respect for a core lineup that includes guitarist Ariel Bender and keyboardist Morgan Fisher, who arrived near the end of the famous tenure. of the British group. . (Previous reunion shows, which only took place in Europe, focused on the band’s original lineup from the late ’60s and early ’70s, some of whom have passed away.)

Rounding out the lineup for this tour are members of Hunter’s longtime touring unit as a solo artist, including former Wings member Steve Holley and James Mastro, Mark Bosch, Paul Page and Dennis Dibrizzi.

The full schedule for the fall tour:

10/21 – The Capitol Theater – Port Chester, NY

10/22 – The Warner Theater – Washington, DC

10/24 – The Coca Cola Roxy Theater – Atlanta, Georgia

10/26 – The War Memorial Auditorium – Nashville, TN

10/28 – The Majestic Theater – Dallas, TX

10/29 – ACL Live at the Moody Theater – Austin, TX

10/31 – The Talking Stick Resort Ballroom – Scottsdale, AZ

11/1 – The Orpheum Theater – Los Angeles, CA

3/11 – The Fox Theater – Oakland, CA

11/5 – The Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall – Portland, OR

6/11 – The Moore Theater – Seattle, WA

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