Mephisto’s Multiversal Army includes a hidden David Bowie nod

Artist Javier Garrón says Mephisto’s multiversal army in Avengers #55 includes a hidden reference to David Bowie’s character in Labyrinth.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers from avengers #55, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

Javier Garrón’s massive double spread revealing Mephisto’s army of alternate versions of himself in avengers #55 includes a hidden reference to David Bowie.

Garrón spoke to wonder on the creation of the Mephisto-revealed artwork, which features 79 uniquely crafted versions of the villain while hundreds more hang in the shadows of the background. Asked about the deep pop culture references hidden in the double spread, Garrón said he designed one of the Mephistos to look like David Bowie‘s character in Labyrinth. “We had to tweak a few of them to avoid being too similar to the original, so now they’re a bit further from the original and therefore a bit trickier to see the resemblance (it worked!)” , said Garrón. “But as far as the reference itself, apart from anything else, I think it’s a movie and a music. There’s a certain singer-actor, who came across as a shrewd, cunning wizard in a movie a long time ago… a movie with puppets! The movie, it’s a labyrinth! This is perhaps the deepest cut, since it’s a cult children’s movie from the 80s and I don’t don’t know how popular or known it is right now for a wider international audience.the classics i grew up with in spain (where i was born and where i live) aren’t that well known outside of our borders , and I’m talking about American or British films!”

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Labyrinth released in 1986 and directed by Jim Henson. In the film, Bowie plays Jareth/the Goblin King, the main antagonist takes Sarah’s (Jennifer Connelly) little brother, Toby, to a mystical land. He then gives Sarah 13 hours to navigate her way through an immersive maze filled with puppet-made creatures before turning Toby into a goblin.

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The revelation in avengers #55 comes after a demonic-looking dog appears in front of some of the Avengers and is revealed to be Mephisto. After introducing Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to his army, Mephisto takes his leave with the promise that they will all see them again soon. “The Avengers face a threat unlike any in the history of the Marvel Universe,” Garrón said. “The Mephistos are pouring left and right, and each issue there is more and more to come. Everyone is different from the other. It is an immeasurable, constantly changing and growing danger in a situation that is ‘worse. For issue #55, we had to draw the line somewhere! Many, many of them have been left behind. But don’t worry, they’ll have their time in the spotlight! Something nasty is coming through. here !”

avengers #55 comes from writers Jason Aaron and Javier Garrón, colorist David Curiel, and VC letterer Cory Petit, with cover art by Garrón and Curiel, with alternate cover art by Peach Momoko and Ernanda Souza. The issue is on sale now from Marvel.

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