Lorde describes David Bowie’s reunion as ‘a descending angel’ | Entertainment


Lorde described her meeting with David Bowie as “a descending angel”.

The late rock icon – who died aged 69 in 2016 – was a huge fan of the hitmaker ‘Royals’ and even asked to meet her in person before her death, and although she vowed to “never tell no one “about their conversation, it clearly holds a special place in his heart.

She told the Evening Standard newspaper: “I don’t tell anyone about it because it’s so private to me.

“But it was like an angel coming down.”

In 2013 – the year she released her debut album “Pure Heroine” and her single “Royals” – Bowie had hailed her as “the future of music”, and she is able to reflect positively on the response to his first record.

She said: “I think that was exactly what you would do if you consumed every piece of pop culture around that time…

“The way I’ve always thought of it is I try to talk to people the same way my friends and I want to be talked to, you know? I just do what I think , should exist. “

In addition to Bowie, the 25-year-old star has met many other idols over the years, including recent Rolling Stone cover star David Byrne and Fleetwood legend Mac Stevie Nicks.

On it, she said: “She was so nice to me and actually I wrote myself a note, ‘Stevie believes in me.’

“I have that at home because, like, it’s a really amazing thing to remember when you’re not sure of yourself.”

And she noted how her own tastes have evolved over the years, with her latest album “Solar Power” delivering a more acoustic sound.

Reflecting on “Love… Thy Will be Done” – which was written by Prince for Martika in 1991 – she explained, “When I was 16 I was like, ‘I can’t hear that! It sounded like a boring song to me.

“Now this song is like, bang! It’s got so much complexity, feel and I think it’s just such a beautiful piece of music.”


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