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The Killer Queen and David Bowie show will be at Moncrieff on Friday August 19th.

Tribute artists The Killer Queen Experience and David Bowie reunite for one night only at the Moncrieff Entertainment Center on Friday, August 19.

The show will see performers present the greatest hits from Queen and David Bowie, with special guests, the “Paradiso Strings” string quartet.

Eleven cast members will perform as part of the show, first performing Jeff Duff’s greatest hits as David Bowie.

The second half of the show will see Killer Queen take the stage with a bang and smash Queen’s hits for an hour before being joined by Jeff for the encore with all 11 cast members onstage.

Killer Queen’s Wayne Vitale said they were looking forward to performing at the Moncrieff again.

“We are really excited to be back in Bundaberg as we always get a great response from the crowd, when we performed at the Moncrieff Theater in April 2019 it was sold out,” Wayne said.

“We hope you can come and enjoy an evening of great song and entertainment.”

Wayne said Jeff’s costumes were set to impress, with his vast experience putting on an entertaining show.

“His costumes are amazing and you never know what to expect from Jeff on stage,” he said.

“He’s been performing since the 1970s and was the most guest performer on the Midday Show in the 70s and 80s.”

slayer queen bowie
Jeff Duff who will play the role of David Bowie.

A show emerges from two great performers

The upcoming performance came when Killer Queen frontman John Blunt and Jeff decided that Queen and David Bowie should share the stage.

“John Blunt always wanted to perform with Jeff Duff and decided to call it a day with the idea that Queen and David Bowie would be a great show,” he said.

“Then Paradiso Strings was contacted because we loved their renditions of Queen songs and they all said yes they would love to do it.

“It happened quite quickly; rehearsals were planned and we did our first show in May of this year.

Paradiso Strings are a Brisbane-based string quartet who perform songs by Queen in Cathedrals and will join Jeff and Killer Queen in adding another sonic and visual dimension through the show.

“This type of show has never been attempted and we may not have the chance to do it again with everyone’s busy schedules,” Wayne said.

“We removed one song from each set to feature only the strings and singers.

“Freddie Mercury and David Bowie have never had the chance to perform live together, and John Blunt and Jeff Duff are their closest counterparts, both of whom have been recognized around the world for their looks and their voices .”

You can find out more about the next show here.

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