Jim Davidson under fire from Gary Glitter’s comments

Jim Davidson says he visited Gary Glitter. (PENNSYLVANIA)

Jim Davidson has come under criticism after being quoted as saying convicted pedophile Gary Glitter is “remorseful” and ready to start “a new life”.

Glitter, real name Paul Gadd, was jailed for 16 years for attempted rape, illegal sex with a girl under 13 and four counts of indecent assault in 2015.

He is currently being held at HMP The Verne in Portland, Dorset, but it has been reported that he may soon be transferred to an open prison.

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Comedian Davidson told Dorset Echo that he spoke to the 77-year-old singer during his visit to the prison in 2019.

“I spoke to Paul when I visited Verne two years ago,” he said. “He has remorse and he looked ready to start a new life.”

Former pop star Gary Glitter, real name Paul Gadd, arrives at Southwark Crown Court in London, where his historic sexual abuse trial dating back to the 1970s continues.

Gary Glitter was jailed in 2015. (PA)

He apparently commented on Glitter as he spoke about Care After Combat, the charity he co-founded that has helped offenders.

The comments ruffled a few feathers on social media.

One person tweeted that they “can’t imagine” what the comic was thinking.

BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE Undated Metropolitan Police photo of pedophile glam rock singer Gary Glitter facing conviction for a series of historic sexual assaults against three schoolgirls.

Gary Glitter is serving a 16-year sentence. (Metropolitan Police Photo / PA)

“Davidson should stay out of this one. There are some offenders who don’t deserve a second chance because we risk our kids… it’s never worth it, ”said another.

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One posted: “” He has remorse and he looked ready to start a new life, “Jim Davidson says of Gary Glitter, too bad his young victims are stuck with their life sentences. , no ‘new life’ opportunity for them. “

Yahoo has contacted Davidson representatives for comment.

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