“Jealous Guy”: Roxy Music takes John Lennon to n ° 1

Only three weeks later John lennon had had two consecutive singles posthumously in the UK, he was the writer and inspiration of another. Roxy Musicthe version of his song “Jealous guy” reached the top of the rankings on March 14, 1981.

Roxy’s only UK No.1 single was born due to their scheduled appearance, the day after Lennon’s murder in December 1980, on a German TV show. Naturally moved to perform one of his songs as a tribute, they chose one of the Bryan Ferryfavorites of.

Lennon had first worked on “Jealous Guy” at the time of The Beatleseponymous but supposedly “White Album”, under the name “Child of Nature”. But because Paul McCartney wrote “Mother Nature’s Son”, John’s song was put aside until he revisited it under the new title on his To imagine album. The first cover came a few weeks later, by an artist called Susan Shirley, with Donny Hathaway adding his moving rendition of the song in 1972 among many others.

Top of the New Year’s charts

Roxy Music‘s performance of “Jealous Guy” was so well received that the next obvious step was to record it, and quickly. They did so, posting it on Polydor at the start of the New Year 1981, when public affection for Lennon led “Imagine” himself to spend most of January in the New Year. n ° 1.

In February, John and Yoko’s last single “Woman” replaced her there, for a two-week stay. The streak was cut short by the release of Joe Dolce Music Theater’s novelty “Shaddup You Face”, before Roxy’s single became the hit that adoring Lennon fans deserved and demanded. Bryan Ferry then performed the song four years later on Live Aid, with a guitar solo by Pink floyd‘s David Gilmour, as the world once again paid tribute to John Lennon.

“Jealous Guy” is on the album More Than That – The Best of Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music, who can be purchased here.

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