Janelle Monáe on Johnny Depp’s Career Inspiration, David Bowie – The Hollywood Reporter

When it comes to on-screen inspirations, there’s one actor in particular whose career Janelle Monáe says she’d love to emulate.

“When I think of careers, that person as an actor, his life as an actor alone, is Johnny Depp,” she said during a special Q&A at BFI London. Film Festival before the European premiere of Glass onion: a mystery at loggerheads on Sunday.

“The number of roles, from Willy Wonka to Sweeney Todd, including all the dramatic roles, [I want to do] any version of it Janelle Monáe, with these transformative characters that people dress up as Halloween. I think at this level. I’m ready to go. Something rooted, but rooted in the hearts and minds of children.

Through a wide-ranging conversation exploring his upbringing, music, and eventual move into film, which began in 2016 MoonlightMonáe revealed that while she was thrilled to have played Oscar-winning actor Barry Jenkins, she actually had different plans for her first role, one that drew on themes from her 2010 debut studio album. The Archdroid.

“I actually wanted my first movie to be science fiction,” she said. “But I was so happy that it was Moonlightbecause it meant a lot to a lot of people.

The snafu that followed at the 2017 Oscars, where The Earth was mistakenly named Best Picture, she described as “the blurred area, it actually felt like a sci-fi movie,” adding that “even behind the scenes, we weren’t sure if we were supposed to celebrate or not. It was a weird feeling, like a bug in the matrix.

Alongside Depp, another figure she described as having a major influence on her life was David Bowie, particularly when it came to changing his style of musical themes and storytelling for the 2018 album. Dirty computer.

“I’ve always had a spirit of building the world and I’ve never seen my music career as something that shouldn’t limit anything. It was like, ‘No, we can go far’,” he said. she stated, “I mean, David Bowie did these things, so why can’t I do these things? What’s the difference?”

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