Incarcerated sex offender Gary Glitter received the Covid-19 vaccine


The pop star was convicted of attempted rape, indecent assault and having sex with a child under 13 in 2015 and is serving a 16-year sentence at HMP The Verne in Dorset .

His offenses have no bearing on when he is eligible to receive the jab, and being 76 years old he is one of the priority groups in the country.

Gary Glitter has been vaccinated. Credit: PA

A government spokesperson told LADbible: “Prisoners are vaccinated alongside the general public and in accordance with priority groups defined by the Independent Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization.”

Inoculation of Glitter – real name Paul Gadd – did not please everyone, however.

David Spencer, director of the Center for Crime Prevention, told The Sun: “There are still a lot of key workers and vulnerable people to get their jabs.

“It is wrong to distinguish criminals before them. This decision needs to be reconsidered urgently.”

But many people disagreed with Spencer, including former crown prosecutor Nazir Afzal no less.

He said: “Gary Glitter went to jail under my watch thanks to a brilliant team of police and prosecutors.

“It’s good that he received a Covid vaccine because it protects everyone in this prison, staff, their families and other prisoners, including remand prisoners who are innocent until proven guilty. “

This point has been echoed by many others on social networks.

One person said: “Prisons are bound by a duty of care to their inmates. Regardless of what you or they think of Gary Glitter, there is no character test to determine the suitability of a vaccine. Covid. “

Another said: “I can’t believe I have to say this – Gary Glitter getting vaccinated is a good thing. All prisoners should be vaccinated.

“Indeed, one could argue that corporations should be judged for how they treat those they dislike most. For once, we have done well.”

Glitter was first jailed in 1999 for downloading child pornography. In 2006, he was jailed again for sexually assaulting two girls aged 10 and 11.


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