Iman says she will never remarry after David Bowie’s death

Iman shared in a new interview that she will never remarry after her husband David Bowie died.

Talk to People, the iconic model recalled her daughter asking her if she would ever remarry, saying, “I said, ‘No, I won’t.’ I still feel married. A few years ago, someone ‘one called David my late husband and I said, ‘No, he’s not my late husband. He’s my husband.'”

She added: “I definitely feel his presence, especially when I watch the beautiful sunsets at our house because David loves sunsets. So, in this way, he is always present. Through my memory, my love lives… Some days are harder than others but not all memories are sad about why the person is not there. Memories are great now. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I was 26. So I have that to back me up.

Iman has developed her first fragrance brand called Love Memoir which will be available exclusively through HSN which is a tribute to her romantic relationship with Bowie.

People Love Memoir noted, “The idea came to her while living in their country home nestled in the mountains of upstate New York… There, locked out, she found quiet solace in the amid his favorite paintings, his ubiquitous books and the fiery sunsets they both loved. She also found inspiration for the scent that weaves together woodsy vetiver (Tom Ford’s Gray Vetiver was Bowie’s favourite) and bergamot from Tuscany, where they were married.

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