Green Day samples Gary Glitter on new song ‘Oh Yeah’

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through Paul Cashmere to January 17, 2020

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Green Day sampled Gary Glitter. Quick, somebody’s checking to see if hell has frozen over.

‘Oh Yeah’ samples Joan Jett’s 1981 version of Gary Glitter‘s 1973 hit ‘Do You Wanna Touch Me’. Because they cover a song written by a convicted pedophile, Green Day announced that royalties from the song will go to charity.

“And yes, this is a sample of @joanjett you hear. As one of the authors of this song is a real asshole, we decided to donate our royalties to Oh Yeah! to @IJM and @RAINN ”.

“Oh Yeah” is the third song from Green Day’s upcoming album “Father of all Motherfuckers”, due February 7th. The two previous tracks ‘Father of all Motherfuckers’ and ‘Fire, Ready, Aim’ were released at the end of 2019.

“Father of all Motherfuckers” is Green Day’s 13th album.

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