Gary Glitter faces charges in 2012 sex offense arrest

Gary Glitter has received more attention for his alleged inclinations than his music in recent years, and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

The Guardian reports that Glitter, whose real name is Paul Gadd, is facing charges stemming from his 2012 arrest in a major UK police sex crimes investigation dubbed Operation Yewtree. The singer had been released on bail, but today’s reports new evidence convinced prosecutors they had enough to prosecute.

“We have carefully reviewed the evidence collected by the Metropolitan Police Service relating to Paul Gadd, also known as Gary Glitter. He was arrested on October 28, 2012 on allegations of sexual offenses and police have been providing information to the CPS since July 2013. , with the most recent documents submitted in March 2014,” said Chief Crown Prosecutor Baljit Ubhey. “After completing our review, we have concluded, in accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors, that ‘There is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest that Mr Gadd be charged with eight offenses under the Sexual Offenses Act 1956. These relate to two complainants aged between 12 and 14 at the time of the alleged offense between 1977 and 1980.”

The gruesome charges against Gadd allege several instances of indecent assault on a minor, including “administering a drug or otherwise to facilitate sexual intercourse”. This is far from the first time he has faced prison for crimes of this nature; he was arrested in the UK in the late 90s for possession of large amounts of child pornography, after which he moved to Cambodia – only to be deported to Vietnam on suspicion of child sexual abuse in 2002. In 2006, a Vietnamese court convicted him of lewd acts with minors, and after serving his sentence he was again deported, this time to Britain.

According to the Guardian report, Gadd will appear before a judge on June 19.

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