Flashback: David Bowie reunites with Mick Ronson in 1992

On April 20, 1992, about five months after Freddie Mercury passed away from AIDS-related pneumonia, the surviving members of Queen gathered at Wembley Stadium to stage an incredible concert in his honor with Elton John, Axl Rose , Slash, Robert Plant, George Michael, Seal, Annie Lennox and Liza Minnelli. Wembley has been the site of many of Queen’s greatest performances, including their 1985 triumph at Live Aid, so it was the perfect place to honor Freddie’s legacy.

The night featured a ton of unique moments, including Elton John and Axl Rose duet on “Bohemian Rhapsody” and George Michael singing “Somebody To Love” – ​​but one of the most memorable performances came in the middle of the night. , when David Bowie, Ian Hunter, Joe Elliott, Phil Collen and Mick Ronson got together for “All The Young Dudes”. Bowie hadn’t played with Ronson since a surprise appearance at a Serious moonlight concert nine years earlier, and the Spiders From Mars guitarist died almost exactly one year later, so they would never have had another chance to perform together in public (although Ronson contributed to the LP by Bowie in 1993 Black Tie White Noise). Bowie sang “All The Young Dudes” at several of his solo concerts, but that night he stuck to the saxophone and let Mott The Hoople‘s Ian Hunter handle the vocals as he did. had done on the original single.

Bowie wrote “All The Young Dudes” specifically for Mott The Hoople in 1972, giving them the biggest hit of their careers. Ronson performed on Bowie’s own recording of the song, and a few years later the guitarist briefly joined Mott The Hoople before teaming up with Bob Dylan for the Rolling Thunder Revue in 1975. “Poor Mick [Ronson] completely missed his calling, ”Bowie said Rolling stones Cameron Crowe in a notoriously stoned interview in 1976. “From his failing solo career to the end. I’ve been disappointed. He could have been amazing. I do not know. Lord, I haven’t spoken properly with him in years. I wonder if he has changed.

Upon Ronson’s death in 1993, Bowie did not attend a tribute concert in his honor, but he did make a very warm statement. “Mick was the perfect foil for the character of Ziggy,” he said. “He was really the salt of the earth type, the blunt northerner with a provocative male personality, so what you got was the old-fashioned yin and yang thing.” As a rock duo I thought we were just as good as Mick and Keith or Axl and Slash. Ziggy and Mick were the personification of this rock & roll dualism.

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