David Bowie’s hit song “Heroes” was inspired by a book he and his wife Iman loved

David Bowie was loved by millions of people around the world for his music as well as his character. The British music icon has been married to model Iman for more than two decades. And even now, years after her death, their love is still going strong.

Iman and David Bowie | Will Ragozzino / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

David Bowie married Iman in 1992

Iman moved to New York from Somalia in 1975 to pursue modeling. It was a big fish thrown into a small pond, but over the years Iman has become one of the greatest models in the world.

In 1990, she met David Bowie during a blind date arranged by a friend. They married two years later.

Iman and David Bowie smiling for a photo

Iman and David Bowie | Jim Spellman / WireImage

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“Heroes” by David Bowie is inspired by the Somali book “A Grave For a Dolphin”

Bowie, of course, was successful in his own industry when he and Iman got married. One of his biggest songs was his 1977 single “Heroes” from the iconic album of the same name. He was reportedly inspired to create the song after seeing two lovers kissing next to the Berlin Wall in Germany.

In the preface to his 2001 memoirs I Am Iman, Bowie revealed that the song was based on the 1956 book A grave for a dolphin by Alberto Denti di Pirajno. “I thought it was a magical and beautiful love story and part of it inspired my song ‘Heroes’,” he said.

Iman reiterated the story in a 2021 interview with Vogue. “It’s a very fantastic trip between a girl – and you won’t believe it, but a Somali girl – and a dolphin,” she said. “And this book is really special because, funny enough, long before David and I met, it was one of his favorite books. And he actually told me some of the lyrics to his song.” Heroes “were actually inspired by this book.

“And then of course, finally when we meet we can’t believe we both worship the same book.”

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Iman’s love for Bowie continues today

Bowie died in 2016, and Iman admitted in an interview on The Tamron Hall show that she struggled with grief for many years after her death. It was only after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) that Iman was forced to stay home and face grief head-on.

Now Iman smiles when she thinks of her late husband and feels his presence in their big house in the Catskills. In fall 2021, she released a signature scent that pays homage to the love the two stars shared. “Love Memoir” comes in an amber bottle – the color of the sunsets that she and Bowie both loved; the hammered gold cap is inspired by Iman’s African heritage.

“Mourning came knocking on the door and stayed for a while,” she admitted. “And I was grateful for that because now I was alone, and I was given, like everyone else, the time to face it, the loneliness to face it, to scream it out, not to sleep all the time. night, it’s okay And then it’s over.

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