David Bowie painting found in landfill expected to sell in the thousands

A painting by David Bowie was clearly someone’s trash, but could become someone’s treasure after being found in a landfill in Ontario, Canada.

According to CBC News, one person, who chose to remain anonymous, purchased the 9.5 “x 7.5” painting from the Machar City Landfill Donation Center for just $ 5. The back of the painting is signed and clearly marked on the back as part of Bowie’s “D HEAD XLVI” collection he created in the mid-90s.

Rob Cowley, president of Cowley Abbott Fine Art in Toronto, has been contacted by the owner of the painting to confirm if this work of art is the real deal.

Cowley, who described the painting as a “semi-abstract portrait,” said: “We were able to identify that the work was quite similar to many portraits, those smaller type portraits in this series that Bowie had produced. in the mid-90s. From there we also contacted Andy Peters who is recognized as an expert in David Bowie‘s signature and who also has a great knowledge of his works. He came back to us with enthusiasm and quite quickly… and could say that, yes, it is an authentic work of the artist.

The coin is currently auctioned through CowleyAbbott.ca and the lot is scheduled to close on June 24 at 2:15 p.m. EDT. At the time of publication, the current bid for the painting is $ 17,100. It was estimated to sell for between $ 9,000 and $ 12,000.

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