David Bowie ‘Let’s Dance’ History: Nile Rodgers explains how the iconic song came to fruition

David Bowie is one of the most iconic musicians of all time and many fans still wonder how some of his hit singles came to be. Recently, producer and legend Nile Rodgers reveals how one of his songs came about.

Addressing the “Rolling Stone music nowpodcast with host Brian Hiatt, famed record producer shared origin of ‘Let’s Dance’

The musician noted that they were listening to different bands at the time, then they headed to the house of Atlantic Records co-founder Jerry Wexler.

When they were hanging out at the location, Rodgers said the music director had a copy of “Peter Gunn” on the deck, and then Bowie said they should listen to it.

They listened to the record and the producer described the moment as “the funniest thing”.

“It was like, instantly, we listened to the whole album – it wasn’t just Peter Gunn, it was like TV themes, but the Peter Gunn theme song went [sings melody]“, he added. (via Audacity)

Fast forward to when they started working on “Let’s Dance!” Rodgers said he remembered their listening session and it became a fond memory in his mind.

At first, they had no direction while producing the track, but they immediately found inspiration when the musician remembered their bond.

While charting the song, Rodgers said he remembered how Bowie “digged” the track and he made exactly how the melody sounded like “Peter Gunn”.

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Another Meaning of David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”

According Song Factsmany fans thought the track was about dancing with a love, but Nile Rodgers previously revealed the deeper meaning behind its lyrics.

He explained that when Bowie wrote the lyrics for the song, he was “talking about the fantasy that people do in life”.

The musician added that it’s about the “conceptual dance” of not being honest with others, like pretending to be happy even if they’re sad.

Since the song has “dance” in its title, he wanted the track to be upbeat so people would vibe on it.

In a previous interview, David Bowie said he wanted the song to have a “warmer” and “more humanistic” vibe than anything he had produced before.

“Let’s Dance” was released in 1983 and has become one of the late singer’s most iconic songs of all time.

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