Cover by Roxy Music of “Jealous Guy” by John Lennon in 1982

We take a look back at some wonderful live footage as Bryan Ferry leads his band, Roxy Music, through a stunning cover of John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy” in 1982.

Roxy Music, and perhaps most notably Bryan Ferry, is the kind of actor who effortlessly takes on other people’s work and makes it feel like their own. Although this is largely due to Ferry’s cover album These crazy things, the group was inherently fluid, which made the transition so easy.

There are few people who can come within a mile of John Lennon when it comes to musical icons. But while Lennon’s real talent lay in songwriting, for Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music it all hinged on performance. Here we see the combination of the two as Ferry and the band perform Lennon’s song “Jealous Guy” just two years after his death.

Extract from his 1971 album To imagine the track was originally demo for the Beatles White album and sees Lennon in frank form. Beginning its life as “Child of Nature”, a song inspired by the Fab Four’s visit to India to meet Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the track was modernized and lyrically modified before becoming the “Jealous Guy” that featured on the iconic record.

After Lennon’s death in 1980, Roxy Music began adding a version of the track to their live set while touring Germany. It was such a welcomed moment of mutual appreciation that they quickly released the song on Polydor. With its B-side “To Turn You On”, the song became the band’s only number one in the UK. He has since been featured on most of Ferry and Roxy Music’s compilation albums and is also a key moment in the live set.

When Ferry takes to the track, he offers a moment of rock and roll bliss. Below is the perfect example. Shot during their performance in Fréjus, France on August 27, 1982, Ferry is the epitome of suave as he delivers a passionate performance of Lennon’s iconic number.

While Lennon may have provided the feeling and the music, Ferry delivered a superb performance. Combining the painful intensity of the song with its incandescent performance, this is truly a perfect match.

Watch Roxy Music cover “Jealous Guy” by John Lennon live in 1982.

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