Celtic Frost’s Tom G. Warrior: Why I Love Roxy Music


“People might be surprised to read this, but I was very strongly inspired by progressive music when I was younger. I have listened to so many different artists that it is very difficult for me to talk about just one. It almost sounds insulting when there are many that had an effect on me when I was a teenager.

“I have to give an honorable mention to Keith Emerson. The way he used classical music with ELP on albums like Tarkus had a huge impact on me. But I’m going to celebrate Roxy Music here.

“I don’t remember exactly when I first heard them, but I think it was on a radio station in southern Germany that had a lot of prog. What I liked about them was t was their fearlessness and their pleasure in experimenting.

“If you are listening to them now for the first time, you might be wondering why all this noise has happened, because what they did doesn’t sound like a big deal in 2017. But in the 70s it was drastic and exciting. , and they pushed the borders without any concern for trade compromise.

“Phil Manzanera’s guitar playing impressed me as an aspiring musician, but it was their complete style that impressed me the most. They became more mainstream, but in those early days there was no nothing like Roxy Music.

“I got into them through their second album, At your service, then retrospectively discovered their self-titled debut album. And there is no doubt that they had an influence on what Celtic Frost did on our [re-released] albums Morbid tales, At Mega Therion and particularly, In the pandemonium.

“If I had to select the best Roxy Music album, it would be At your service. What sets it apart from the rest of their catalog is the songwriting; it is of the highest caliber, and it is very powerful. If you combine that with the band’s dedication to being individual and forward thinking then you have a very powerful album that to this day still resonates with me.

“There are so many progressive artists to whom I owe so much. But Roxy Music is a band that I would always choose as an important part of who I am today.”


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