Buy David Bowie’s Monopoly board game: The Op launches a new edition

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Ziggy may not have played board games, but David Bowie fans now have their own edition dedicated to the rock and roll legend himself with the latest version of Monopoly.

The Monopoly: David Bowie board game celebrates the Thin White Duke, just in time for the 50th anniversary of the icon classic The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders of Mars.

And if you thought choosing your Monopoly tokens was difficult before, the Bowie Edition takes it to outer space.

Instead of top hats and dogs, players can choose from six different pieces that all represent a different Bowie era: the 1969s space helmet Spatial odditya tie for the years 1993 White Noise Black Tiea diamond dogs-inspired skull, a star for 2016 Black Starand a Pierrot hat like the one he wore in the Video “From ashes to ashes”.

And, of course, there’s a flash from Bowie‘s iconic 1973 album cover for sane aladdin.

The Op

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Monopoly by
David Bowie

The game also includes 16 “Sound” cards, plus 16 other “Vision” cards for players to draw, which are a nod to the song “Sound and Vision” from Bowie’s 1977 album Down.

Instead of buying houses and building new hotels for your real estate empire, Bowie fans playing the board game can own arenas and stadiums instead. The painting itself serves as a collage of all the different album covers in Bowie’s catalog, and even iconic images taken from his live performances over the years. The Monopoly: David Bowie Edition is available to buy online for just under $40 right now through the Monopoly website.

The-Rise-and-Fall-of-Ziggy-Stardust-and-the-Spiders-from-Mars-2012-50th Anniversary-Half-Speed-Master


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‘Ziggy Stardust’ 50th Anniversary LP

Once you’ve spent all your custom Bowie Monopoly money, there’s even more in store for fans to spend their real money this season. In April, Parlophone Records announced that it release anniversary editions of The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust for its 50th on June 17 – five decades and a day since the classic was released in the UK

David Bowie Picture Disc LP


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‘Ziggy Stardust’ Picture Disc LP

The album will be released as half-speed vinyl, along with a vinyl picture disc, and pre-orders are now available online at Amazon.

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