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Nothing has been going well since David Bowie passed away Jan. 10, 2016. The Rise of Trumpism? COVID-19[FEMININE?La théorie du Big Bang quitter l’antenne ? L’une de ces choses se serait-elle produite si Bowie arpentait toujours la Terre ? Nous allons probablement. Mais ses nouveaux disques auraient servi de tampon, même si ces éléments merdiques restaient intolérables.

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Pour les jeunes des années 70/80/90/00, Bowie était un phare indiquant que tout allait bien. Non, tu n’étaient pas les étranges—elles ou ils étaient! Qu’ils aient constitué vos parents, vos pairs ou des figures d’autorité, sa personnalité et sa musique en constante évolution étaient la chaleur et le réconfort dont chaque inadapté avait besoin. Ils étaient votre armure lorsque vous vous aventuriez, un peu effrayés, un peu désordonnés, définitivement maladroits. Considérez que “Changements” paroles : “Et ces enfants sur lesquels vous crachez / Alors qu’ils essaient de changer leur monde / Sont immunisés contre vos consultations / Ils sont tout à fait conscients de ce qu’ils traversent. Il était ton oncle cool et excentrique avec un clin d’Å“il et un sourire, serrant ton épaule, disant que tu étais spécial, que le monde avait tort. Être différent est une qualité pour être chéri, ne pas puni. Et si ces gens ne pouvaient pas apprécier à quel point vous étiez spécial ? Ils n’avaient pas besoin d’être dans ta vie, de toute façon.

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Le monde musical lui doit beaucoup, pas seulement les artistes dont il a directement servi en tant que mécène—Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Mott le cerceau. Aurait Madone‘s ou Lady Gagales identités/sons en constante évolution sont-ils possibles sans lui ? Madonna a remboursé sa dette en en acceptant sa nomination au Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame en 1996 pour lui, tandis que Gaga a effectué un medley Bowie de six minutes aux Grammys 2016. Garçon George a reconnu l’effet de Bowie dans le documentaire de la BBC en 2016 Boy George’s 1970 : sauvez-moi de la banlieue. Tant de musique punk et alternative est impossible sans son influence et son innovation. Veuillez contempler ces 10 enfants spirituels de David Bowie.

Pistolets sexuels

“Bowie’s been good for a while, but you couldn’t really get into it” Sex guns singer Rotten johnny sniffed with typical contrarianism on July 16, 1977, while he was a guest DJ on Capital Radio’s Tommy Vance Show. Of course he said that about the first chords of “Rebel Rebel.” But didn’t those spikes of vomited orange look strangely like Ziggy stardustearlier is the thatch mule? Didn’t he sing in a microphone stolen by Steve Jones Ziggy’s farewell concert? And Jonesy had to clearly Johnny Thunder on the guitar level, but those roaring powerful chords were marked by the sound of a classical Bowie guitarist. “If I have ‘heroes’,” he told Alternative Press in 1989, “it’s Mick ronson… “


Much early Punk rockers received their musical education at English Disco, set designer / DJ Rodney Bingenheimerthe glam palace. Bowie invested in the club, where Bingenheimer spun off all the last British saboteurs. As a result, Ziggy’s stardust was sprinkled over most of the early pogo action in Hollywood. 80 years OC punk deity Mike ness talked about The Bowie effect, visible in some of the earliest Social distortionthe glam attributes of. But no Tinsel Town rebel loved Bowie more than the Germs. Marc Spitz and Brendan Mullen’s Definitive LA Punk Story We have the neutron bomb indicated that his name was at the top of all Germs guest lists. Darby Crash suggested Bowie produce their only LP, (IG). (Acolyte Bowie Joan jett did the honors, instead.) They even recorded a sloppy blanket of Bowie’s sloppy blanket of Chuck berry‘s “Around and around. “ Finally, the guitarist Pat smear reinforced Nirvana‘s nice cover version of “The man who sold the world.”

Division of joy

UK punk and post-punk is littered with Bowie’s acolytes. Gary NumanThe synth-heavy robotic music and stage character of Bowie are totally indebted to Bowie’s Berlin period. Adam and the ants has taken the UK pop charts by storm as the Spiders of mars supported by jungle drums, until Marco pirroniis a very Ronson-esque guitar. Corn Division of joy? Bowie was still biting their edges. They were originally called Warsaw, in honor of Moo Track “Warszawa.” The meaning of drama and experimentation? Pure Bowie. And Ian Curtis listened to Bowie produced by Iggy Pop The idiot, the tragic last night of his life.


Goth totally exists in Ziggy stardustthe shadow of, even if the genre reinvents the story of the alien rock star seen by Hammer Film Productions. What are pop guitars, smudged makeup and lifted up hairstyles Siouxsie Asd The banshee and the treatment without Bowie? Or the whole career of Christian Deathis it Rozz Williams? Corn Bauhaus? They are practically an act of homage to Bowie death-punk! Your punk teacher wrote in March that Peter Murphy sang “as if he had swallowed Ziggy Stardust’s corpse whole. “They paid a direct tribute, following a roaring rendition of “Ziggy Stardust” for a John peel session. Even the great man recognized his DNA: the Bauhaus performed in a memorable way “Bela Lugosi is dead” in the opening credits of the 1983 vampire movie starring Bowie, Hunger.

The Smiths

David Bowie is by far the most influential and important artist in the UK, for many reasons” Blacksmiths guitarist Johnny marr wrote in a NME guest blog dated May 2, 2012. “There are musicians who are influenced by him who don’t even realize it. Presumably, the man who co-wrote icy standards such as “This charming man” is conscious. Now think about preciosity, literacy and Morrisseytheatricality and alternative sexuality. Moz even hired Ronson to produce his most famous solo album, Your Arsenal. Bowie himself kissed Moz, playing T. Rex‘s “Cosmic Dancer” on stage with him in 1991, recently released as a single, and covering “I know it will happen someday” on the cover album Black Tie White Noise. The relationship would later become difficult.


Fast forward to the 90s: big chunks of Britpop were unthinkable without Bowie. Think of his ‘British veddy, veddy song’ – few British rockers sang in their native inflection before him. Consider now PulpJarvis Cocker next to Bowie’s Thin White Duke phase. What would you say Placebo Ziggy Stardust had never existed? But no Britpoppers owed Bowie more than the group that was to be legally known in America as the the fallow deer of london. singer Brett Anderson, a mobile quote machine, told reporters in 1993: “I consider myself a bisexual man who has never had a homosexual experience.” Doesn’t that remarkably echo Bowie’s “I’m gay, and always have been, even when I was David Jones” statement in the January 22, 1972 issue of Melody maker? Now listen to the tunes: “Animal nitrate”, “Waste,” “The Savages.” The great drama; the epic and catchy choirs; anthemic melodies — that’s Bowie to a T. Le NME recognized this immediately and had the writer Steve Sutherland hosts a summit, photographed by Anton Corbijn, for his cover of March 20, 1993.

Scott weiland

“Barbarella” video clip:

“Barbarella” show live from Late Night with David Letterman:

Same grunge, always in disguise and austere, had Bowie in his DNA. How could he not, as inspired by the 70s as he is? Think about pre-Mud honey/Pearl Jam outfit Green river nibble “Bitchy queen” or that celebrated Nirvana interpretation of “The Man Who Sold the World”. But no rocker of the fuzz and flannel era has ooed Bowie-ness more than Stone temple pilots singer Scott weiland. A pipe cleaner thin and flamboyant like a neon $ 5,000 bill on stage, he displayed his hero’s influence on his brilliant 1998 art-glam solo record 12 measures of blues. Filled with grandiose songs, off center and played loudly like “Despair # 5” and “Barbarella”, his mood perfectly matched the Spiders From Mars with the high-tech austerity of Bowie’s Berlin records. (The video for that last track, seen above, also looked like a five-minute remake of Bowie’s movie. The man who fell to earth.) He hardly sold any copies, which is a shame. It is a small masterpiece.

Nine inch nails

Then there is the effect of man on industrial rock, during its transition to the mainstream of the 90s. Naturally, the hang on of Bowie’s German work with Brian Eno appeals to musicians favoring abrasive electronics. But who would have known that glam would also be an element? The most direct link was Nine inch nails opening of Bowie’s 1995 tour. Trent Reznor closed each set by singing a few duets with Bowie, following up in his headlining set.

My chemical romance

And the 2000s punk had Bowie’s fingerprints all over it. Fall out Boy‘s Patrick Souche spoke with Alternative Press about his fondness for Bowie upon his death and made it concrete by covering “Life on Mars?” for a BBC Radio 1 session. But no band of the time wore their Bowieness on their sleeve more than My chemical romance. Like Stump, boss Gérard Road discovered the child man via his 1986 film tour Labyrinth. But if he hadn’t told us himself, we would have known it in the years 2006 The black parade– provisional title: The rise and fall of my chemical romance. (Hmmm …Gerry was playing guitar …) Or we could just watch this MCR / Opportunity Collaboration, redo it Bowie with Queen’s masterpiece “Under Pressure”.


Hip-hop / punk hybridist YUNGBLUD It was enough simply to take the stage before to evoke a young Bowie – the spiky and multicolored hair, the face made up, the theatricality on stage. But then he released his new album, weird! at the end of last year, with a track titled “March,” based on Hunky-dory Track “Life on Mars?” And as if Bowie’s influence weren’t obvious enough, Dom Harrison faithfully played “Life on Mars?” on January 8, which would have been Bowie’s 74th birthday, during the live tribute concert A Bowie Celebration: Just For One Day. With a backing band of several Bowie alumni, including pianist Mike Garson and guitarist Earl Slick, NASA released coverage of YUNGBLUD as the Perseverance rover touched down on Martian soil on February 18.

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