Angel Olsen covers Roxy Music’s “More Than This” from her living room

Angel Olsen released his superb record All mirrors as the culmination of a full decade in the music industry. While the record claims an expansive production that diverts from Olsen’s old catalog, the singer still occasionally takes out her acoustic guitar to perform moving covers on social networks. Olsen recently released his own version of the 1929 track “More Than You Know”. Now Olsen has shared a rising cover of Roxy Music‘s “More Than This” from their 1982 debut album.

The original version of Roxy Music has brilliant synths and catchy percussion. But Angel Olsen’s version only needs his impressive vocal range and an acoustic guitar. Sitting in her living room, Olsen gently plucks the strings of her guitar as her voice slowly rises with each octave. “It was fun for a while / There was no way to know / Like a dream in the night / Who can tell where we’re going,” she belts.

Ahead of her cover, the singer discussed her plans to release an alternate version of All mirrors. Scheduled to arrive this fall, Olsen plans to record each of his All mirrors songs in acoustic solo version. “[I] necessary to separate these two records and free All mirrors in its heaviest form, ”she said. “It was impossible for me to deny how powerful and surprising the songs had become. The truth is, I might never have allowed so many tonal changes in the first place if I hadn’t already reviewed the same songs in their purest form.

Watch Olsen’s cover of Roxy Music’s “More Than This” above.

All Mirrors is now available through Jagjaguwar. You understand here.

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