Alice Cooper – Our shows helped open the door for David Bowie

Alice Cooper and David Bowie were two of the most prominent stage performers of the ’70s, and Cooper insists his performances made Bowie the sensation he made.

“David used to come to the show when he was a mime, he was Davy Jones back then,” Cooper recalls during a Q + A with Metal Hammer. “I remember one of our ‘Welcome To My Nightmare’ shows, he brought his band the Spiders From Mars and he was like, ‘This is what we should be doing. But he never did it like we did. did it.

He noted that when his group began to implement shock in performances and still achieved commercial success, artists like Bowie, Lou Reed and Velvet Underground realized they could do the same.

“I wanted there to be an artistic movement, I created Alice as a villain and Bowie made all of his characters to match who he wanted to be, so I never really saw him. as a competitor – I encouraged him, “Cooper continued.

He then added that he and Bowie frequently praised each other for their creativity.

“There was a whole thing about Bowie and Lou Reed talking about my androgynous thing as being wrong and they were right – of course, it’s wrong. It’s a dark vaudeville show and I play a character.” , he explained.

“Lou and David knew me and knew I couldn’t be more American but I just happened to tap into this character and the image – I knew how to make this character scary, sexy, revolting and funny at the same time. ! “

Although he has since been dubbed the Godfather of Shock Rock, Cooper doesn’t think shock carries the same weight in today’s music climate as when he first started doing it.

“I think the audience is shockproof now. I came out at the perfect time to shock the audience because they weren’t ready for a bunch of guys with waist-deep hair, makeup and unconcerned with real blood on stage, “he admitted.

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