A playlist of 543 tracks retracing the career of David Bowie

There was always something special about the Starman, David Bowie. A unique individual in every way, which is often overlooked amid the rock and roll revelry, chameleon costumes, and utterly captivating rhetoric, is that he was also an undeniably brilliant songwriter. Across an alarming lineup of albums, Bowie has delivered a plethora of songs that are both enchanting and entertaining.

More than most artists, David Bowie devoted himself to his art from the start of his career. Now we’re not saying he’s always been good at it, his debut record landed like a proverbial sack of potatoes on newly polished ground, but the singer has certainly made a commitment. A determination that we find throughout this impressive playlist retracing the career of David Bowie.

Of David Bowie in 1967 to Live from the Kit Kat Club released in 2021, five years after Bowie’s death, the power of the Thin White Duke has never subsided. His artistry and power did not only come from his stunning performances and looks, but also from his expert writing which echoed the avant-garde art of the Beat poets and sprinkled it with the rock and roll sneer that only one form of extraterrestrial life could bring. That said, he also knew how to get by in a show.

In our playlist below, we not only have his 27 studio albums, including Hero, Sound and vision, Hunky-dory, Ziggy stardust, Black Star and much more, but also a range of incredible live albums. As well as his last release of Kit-Kat ClubAlso tucked into the playlist is his world-famous Glastonbury set from 2000, in which he gave those at Worthy Farm an unforgettable night.

As a musician and writer, Bowie is largely unmatched. His continued pursuit of creative evolution has become a hallmark of his life both inside and outside of the music industry. This is something that can be seen on all his albums because he always intends to surpass himself. Considering he once said, “I’m just a person who doesn’t think I need someone to qualify my job in any particular way. I work for myself ”, it all makes sense.

On 543 tracks, we see this evolution unfolding in front of us. There may be times when your finger hovers over the skip or shuffle button, but we implore you to take a second to think it over. Skipping a song or shuffling the list is like rewriting a historic beer that music will probably never offer again.

Many artists have been around since the five decades Bowie ruled pop music. Yet no one has challenged themselves more rigorously, proven themselves more cunning, or pursued a perfect art with as much enthusiasm as David Bowie.

Listen to the chronicle of his impressive career via the 543-track playlist below.


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