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David Bowie was one of the most intriguing musicians of our time, continually reinventing himself and influencing countless others along the way.

He has produced more than two dozen albums, including “Blackstar”, which was released just two days before his death. He played over a dozen instruments, including a right-handed guitar while he was left-handed. Bowie’s concept album, “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars,” introduced the world to his glam-rock character in 1972. Four years later he starred in the movie “The Man Who Fell” to Earth “. In the late 1970s, he quit his drug addiction and appeared in “The Elephant Man” on Broadway.

Two years after suffering a heart attack in 2004, Bowie performed three songs on stage with Alicia Keys in New York City. It would be his last performance. In the year since his death, Bowie and “Blackstar” won four Grammy Awards. In 2019, the BBC reported that David Bowie won his viewer poll for 20th century’s greatest artist, beating Charlie Chaplin, Billie Holiday and Marilyn Monroe.

“I love crazy art and, most of the time, outdoor music,” Bowie said. “Rather than having a hit song these days, I like the idea that I’m here to change the blueprint of what society and culture looks like. I changed things; I knew I would. It’s great and very rewarding. “

Bowie’s theatrical brilliance, creativity, sexual ambiguity and incredible music kept audiences endlessly interested. Stacker has compiled a list of 25 things about the life of David Bowie that you might not know, from news reports, biographies, magazine interviews and databases of movies and music.

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