Cappings been around a long time -- and just like with shows like
Saturday Night Live, it has its share of running jokes and characters.
It's one thing to recognize a reference or joke from "Monty Python
And The Holy Grail" or "Mystery Science Theater 3000," but if you're
new to capping or to the site itself, you might be a little confused about
some of the in-jokes of the trade. This isn't meant to be a guide to ALL
of the running threads, but rather a listing of some of the popular ones:

This stands for either "Product of an Unspeakable Menage A
or ".... Unimaginable Menage A Trois" or ".... Unholy Menage A
Usually to describe a picture of someone who looks like a
combination of three celebrities. An alternate joke has been an UMAT,
which the act itself sans the product. And on rare occasions, an IMAT
(Imaginable Menage A Trois) has been mentioned.

"oh HELL no!" -
This started as a simple comment The_Gray_Zombie made in the
Scooby-Doo gallery ... which mutated into a running joke on to say if
a Capper sees a highly disturbing screengrab.

Underwear On The Ceiling -
One of the oldest running Capper jokes, used when someone's looking up
in the air. The_Gray_Zombie had capped "What the?!? How did
my underwear get up there?"
once while capping a picture with
someone looking at the ceiling. After that, animebabe had made one
herself, and it just caught on. And the legend continues.....

"Ooo, is that cheesecake?" -
This started with just a regular caption I'd made during a Babylon 5
capping session
on Caption This when someone was
looking at something with his mouth in an "O" shape. Since then, it's
popped up frequently when someone in a picture looks extremely
interested in something off-screen.

Buffoon's Ex-Wife's Heart -
An unusually-dark screengrab, practically pitch black ... and almost as
black as what beats in her chest.

"(fill-in-the-blank) Needs More Elves" -
Started by Capper AlexGariepy in the Bring Back Kirk gallery, it's
become a trademark of goofyness every now and again, suggesting that
any TV show or movie could be made better if only there were, well, more
elves in it.

keogh -
The_Gray_Zombie explains this one on his website:
"Keogh, as I was told, is a capper who has the really bad luck of getting
a screengrab that nobody can really make out, but like a true trooper,
he caps it anyway. So anytime we get a screengrab that we can't really
make out, we do a little tip of the hat to Keogh."

The Screengrab Gods -
Over at the Cap-Page Board, the screengrabs posted there have been
credited to a variety of "Screengrab Gods." While their purpose is just posting
screen captures on the Board, some Cappers have enjoyed making captions about
them from time to time; sometimes directed to the left of the screengrab where the
profile picture of the then-current Screengrab God would be seen. Below are a list of
the CPB's Gods in chronological order:

___ The Screengrab Gods / 2002-2003 / Posted 29,975 screengrabs.

The Screengrab Cowell / 2003 / Posted 32,109 screengrabs.

___ The Screengrab Neville / 2003-2004 / Posted 48,394 screengrabs.

___ The Screengrab Walken / 2004-2005 / Posted 52,100 screengrabs.

___ The Screengrab Spongemonkey / 2005-2007 / Posted 120,827 screengrabs.

___ The Screengrab Flibble / 2007-2010 / Posted 153,818 screengrabs.

___ The Screengrab SGG (Scary German Guy) / 2010-2015 / Posted 182,542 screengrabs.

___ The Screengrab Wiseau / 2010-present.

animebabe started this joke herself. It's another way of saying"vomit" or
"throw up."

Satan's Penis! -
A running gag used whenever there's an ugly phallic-type shaft (or similiar)
seen. The Cappers have joked that it must be the love noodle of the ol'
Prince Of Lies himself.

RIZZZ / tattoos -
Another Gray_Zombie creation. RIZZZ is a Capper who designed a
tattoo for one of the other Cappers, and a few captions have resulted
from it along the lines of "Thanks, RIZZZ designed it."

The Flaming C*nt of Sauron -
A description of the flaming eye of Sauron from the "Lord of the Rings"
movies. The genesis of the joke comes from Capper NurseNoir in the
Middle-Earth gallery.

Porch Swings -
Back during the 2001 online Batchelor Party for fiancees Nyssa23 and
DiscoBoy, it was said that some of the capping-fodder would have some
porn involved with it. That led Capper Agent_Moldy to comment that
women "liked Por .... ch swings, too." That simple little comment
eventually entered into a caption or two -- and now is accepted as a
term for something adult/sexual in nature (and is where the Porch Swings
gallery got their name from!).

"Draw! No wait, I'm clay!" -
Back in 1998, our very own Capper nastinkers won the Caption This
Challenge. Out of 1,500 captions entered to the Sci-Fi Channel, his
caption was picked with the following screengrab.

Since then, variations of the joke have popped up in numerous
other captions.

Refreshing COCA-COLA -
This started in the American Idol gallery, just as a little joke that the
judges always had glasses of Coca-Cola prominently displayed on
their table. Since then, it's shilled its way into other captions in other
areas as well.

"Yellow Sudden Beam" -
This classic gem was started back in Caption This! by animebabe (and
archived here). Since then, it's popped up in various forms over the years
in other galleries.

MirandaRamsey -
An infamous Capper known alternately as "mental" and/or "psycho hose-
beast." She's alternated occasional captions with long, drawn rants about
any subject unrelated to either the screengrabs in question, or reality in
general. You might be capping 'Sliders,' while she would be rambling on
a rant about Hassadic men. Known obsession is basketball player Allen
Iverson. Married to the beleaguered Jeff.

DeadlyRinger -
Another infamous Capper, who routinely popped in during the early days
of Caption This!, offering "big $$$" to anyone who would send him tapes
of 'The Bionic Woman.' From Capper accounts, he was a hacker from
Taiwan, and didn't have a great grasp on English.

"Fruit Cup" -
A reference to the infamous scene in "High Anxiety" (and also used as
NurseNoir's title at the Cap-Page Board). It's grown into a running joke any
time a nurse is seen in a show that any one who is tardy will not get fruit cup.

Capper Crush -
Though it might seem otherwise, Cappers lusting after celebrities isn't a
new concept at all: Gray_Zombie's loved Charisma Carpenter in Caption
This! as far back as 1998, and Amon was frequently seen extolling the
virtues of Faith Hill. And of course, there was Granamyr and her love for
Kai from "Lexx." But the practice finally got a name during the
Cap-Page Board's infamous Capper Crush Month of February 2004,
where the Cappers got to pick shows starring the celebrities they most
adored. Since then, the phrase 'Capper Crush' has popped up repeatedly,
signifying romantic feelings a Capper has for their celebrity idol(s).

DanZero -
Yet another infamous Capper. Many Cappers found him to be
self-important, annoying, and overly-complimentary (to the point of
flirting) with lady Cappers; in all fairness, there were many Cappers
who didn't have a problem with him at all. Proclaimed himself "The
Illustrious DanZero" in the Captionunknown (or 'Superunknown').
Obsessed with Soundgarden and video games, he eventually left
capping to "go find himself" .... which only led to more riffs about him
in his absence.

Charisma Carpenter And The Green Dildo -
This ongoing Capper-joke can be traced back to an interview
Charisma did with FHM, where she was quoted as saying that her
latest movie would feature a shower scene with her, another woman,
"and a lime green dildo is involved." It was later revealed that this
quote was incorrect. Dammit.

You're Shitting Me Theater -
Also known as YSMT. Usually used for an unlikely person in an unlikely
subject: such as "Paris Hilton in 'The Marie Curie Story,' tonight
on You're Shitting Me Theater!"

"Sorry, Not Very Interesting Without Graphics" -
An all-too familiar sight for longtime Cappers on Caption This! If the
screengrabber was broken, a "blank" image would show up with a red
X within, similiar to down below:

Sorry. Not very interesting without graphics.

with yellow lettering inside saying "Sorry. Not very interesting without

A new little variant on the 'broken screengrab' has been to assume that
something mind-bogglingly shocking is happening that we can't see.
For example, a broken screengrab in a 'Star Trek' episode might get a
Capper to exclaim "Wow, I've never seen Kirk use the Captain's log in
THAT way before!"

Bonnie Hammer -
The one whom Cappers blame for the cancellation of "Mystery Science
Theater 3000"
on the Sci-Fi Channel. She joined the Channel back in
1989, replacing Barry Schulman (a big MST3K-booster, who renewed
the show for its 10th -- and final -- season before leaving). Under her
leadership, the Channel moved the show's timeslot and eventually
cancelled it due to "low ratings." Uh huh. Low ratings. So low that they
continued to show the program's reruns for an additional four
more years. Bitch.

Leftover(s) -
Over at the Cap-Page Board, there are tons of new galleries to be capped.
And with all that material, sometimes there are pictures that end up
uncaptioned. Those get pushed off for later posting in a "Leftovers" gallery;
pretty much the last-stop for the unwanted screengrabs that didn't get
attention the first time around. It's become sort of an in-joke to talk about
those Leftover 'grabs, or the Leftover gallery itself, from time to time,
depending on the picture.

"Wewerejuststudying!" -
This (and various other versions on the theme) has been exclaimed many
many times by two -- or sometimes more -- individuals who are caught
in an act of carnal intimacy. Or, to put it bluntly, about to have nasty,
monkey sex.

This caption is usually seen in screengrabs when one person is seen to
point an accusing finger at someone else.

"The King Of The Rednecks" -
A.K.A. Capper meqal. An ongoing joke about his sovereignty over the
redneck community in Bumfuck, Nowhere.

"All The Sistah You Need" -
A.K.A. Capper tinaw.

"Fruit Cup" -
An ongoing joke inspired by Capper NurseNoir, referencing the
famous line from 'High Anxiety' - "Those who are tardy do not get
fruit cup."
It's taken on a life of its own, and has started to appear
occasionally whenever there are hospital or nurse scenes.

When the Cap-Page Board started showcasing letterboxed movies,
the term "Big-O-Vision™" was coined to describe the larger-than-usual
screengrab-size. With letterboxing so frequent on the Board now, the
term is rarely used anymore ... but occasionally is referred to in captions.

The Mouse Pointer (Test) -
When "The Devil's Rejects" was capped, AntiHero made this caption:

Wow, I can fit the whole mouse pointer in her mouth.

This has led to occasional "mouse pointer" jokes whenever someone is
seen with their mouth.... you know, wide open. Likewise, their mouth can be open
but the picture is so small that they "fail" the mouse pointer test.

This post is missing and can not be restored -
During the infamous ezboard hacker attack of 2005, the backups for most of the
network were erased -- causing many places (the Cap-Page Board amongst them)
to have several sections with people's comments that simply said "This post is
missing and can not be restored." Later in 2007, a similiar programming fault led to
occasional "This post...." listings. As a result of both of those instances, a number of
"This post..." jokes have been made by CPB Cappers.

etc. -
A number of captions here are replies to previous ones. And while most visitors
already know that, the Glitterdome is always getting new people visiting every week --
so these little buttons were added to indicate when one caption is a continuance or
reply to the preceding one.

"Potato Salad" -
A nickname of Capper AlexGariepy.

"Lėmbōlger" -
First joined by capper Zee, it's only fitting that HE explain what it means:

"Lėmbōlger is a state of mind. Lėmbōlger is a budget daycare service.
Lėmbōlger is exactly like cocaine, only completely different. Lėmbōlger is
a cream, a vapor, a cube. Lėmbōlger: The other white meat. Lėmbōlger is
a way of life. Lėmbōlger is ape law. Lėmbōlger is a different kind of car
company. Lėmbōlger is like the wind, baby. Lėmbōlger is stainless,
odorless, and leaves only a trace of aftertaste. It's a girl, my Lord, in a
flatbed Ford slowin' down to take a look at me (you). Lėmbōlger is a noun,
a verb, an adjective, a designer fragrance. Lėmbōlger is the definition of
love. Lėmbōlger is a new magazine for men about men's issues.
Lėmbōlger: The World's Oldest Running Wooden Rollercoaster.
Lėmbōlger is the latest pop phenomina... and it's a good friend. Lėmbōlger's
story will touch you even though he can't. Lėmbōlger is discounted clam
sauce. Lėmbōlger is from the streets, yo. Women want Lėmbōlger and
men want to be Lėmbōlger. Lėmbōlgerness is a warm gun, yes it is.
Lėmbōlger is must see TV. Lėmbōlger: America's Favorite Daily Comic
Strip. Lėmbōlger is like a virus, only funkier. Lėmbōlger smells like
oranges and has only your best interests in mind. Lėmbōlger is the seventh
largest body of water on earth. Lėmbōlger is the wacky next door neighbor
you thought you'd never want but now can't live without. Lėmbōlger is a jelly
and jam combined. No need to front, that's what it is."

"The Bob Hoskins Bangbus" -
First mentioned during our capping of 'The Craft' here , it refers to a large
bus driven by Bob Hoskins where various sundry, unmentionable sexual
practices take place.

"Making Love To That Fine-Ass Bitch Leia
For Nine Hours Straight"
During our capping of the Billy Dee Williams epic "The Final Comedown" here,
cajunmagic made an awesome riff about Billy Dee writing his own script,
saying "LANDO is just getting up after makin' sweet love to that fine-ass bitch
LEIA for 9 hours. You heard me. Nine hours...straight."
Since then that reference
has popped up in both Star Wars and regular capping alike.

"Steve The Astronaut" -
That comes from a private joke that Nyssa23 and I had, based on a small
astronaut toy which she called Steve (now in the care of Sarah and Hunter). We
were joking online, and I 'sang' a "Steve The Astronaut theme song" (meant to
be said in a dull monotone) which basically changed from topic to topic as we
chatted. I tossed it out as a cap once knowing she'd laugh... she capped it
knowing I'd laugh... it went back and forth until others started using it. And now,
it is immortal.

"Zee and the Pumpkin" -
Back in October 2007, Zee graced those of us at the Cap-Page
with a holiday gift: this photo:

Ever since then, Zee and pumpkins have been forever associated together.

The LAMA Act -
When we capped Night Of The Living Dead II (archived here) , the Lame Ass
Movie Act of 1980 was introduced by the Cappers, listing various rules and
regulations for different movie cliches.