A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. . .

The chamber was located in a secret room deep beneath the foundation of the Senate Building on Coruscant. No one knew of its existence, save for the two shapes within.

They were both robed. One figure stood, while the other was knelt before him, head bowed, a deep rasping breathing coming from the hood. The standing figure’s face was almost hidden by his hood, except for his nose and mouth.

“The time has come, my apprentice.” The standing figure said, his commanding tone ringing through the hollow chamber. “For ten years, the Jedi have believed the Sith dead after the demise of Maul on Naboo. They’ve grown complacent, weak. I, meanwhile, have gathered my power about me. Collected my allies … and my enemies.”

He reached out and laid a hand on the kneeling figure’s shoulder. “And little do they realize that all this time, a member of their little Republic, one of their heroes, has turned to the power of the Dark Side!” He smiled, his lip curling. “And you, my apprentice, have exceeded all my expectations. You’ve learned the power of hatred, and of anger, and of rage. You have grown strong from their embrace. Now rise…” The figure rose, the rasping growing faster. “Rise, my pupil. It is time to reveal your treachery to your friends, at last!” The figure reached up, and pulled back the hood, revealing his features in the dim light.

“Okey-day! Meesa Dar-Dar Binks!”

Darth Sidious paused, frowning. “No. You’re Darth Binks, Dark Lord of the Sith.”

The grinning Gungan rose his arms in emphasis. “Ooooooh … maxi-big da Sith!” Rasping again, his tongue rolled from his mouth. Coughing, he said, “Ooooo, deesa cold air is doing terrible things to meesa lungs. Terrib-ibb-ible things! Youza needs a hoo-meedee-fyer in here, boss!"

Sidious took a deep breath. “Well, uh, perhaps some sort of vaporizer would be in – “ he caught himself, and snapped back, “No! This talk is irrelevant! It is time for you to betray your Jedi friends now, to reveal your secret.”

Binks smiled a toothy grin. “Meesa know you secret! Dat Big-Boss Sidious is really Big-Boss Palpatine.”

“Silence! You must never reveal that to anyone!”

Binks frowned. “Awwwww… not even one-zy or two-zy little friends-zy wenzies?”

“No. That is an order, Darth Binks.” He rose a finger, pointing at the door. “Now, go … and let our revenge on the Jedi begin.”

Binks flipped Sidious a salute. “Okey-day!” He flipped around and left the room, clumsily stumbling over his robes twice.

Alone, Sidious pulled down his hood, sighing. Ever since Darth Maul’s death, he’d searched for a suitable replacement. He’d found none so evil, so morally repugnant as Jar-Jar Binks. But there were times that he got sucked in my Binks’ evil and he just wanted to throttle him! But what could be do? Where could he get a student as powerful as Binks?

There was a small bleep, and he lifted a small comm-link from his robes. His voice softened and he said, “Yes?”

Chancellor Palpatine,” a woman said, “one of the Jedi is here to see you. I told him that he needed an appointment…

He paused. “No, no… Tell—who is it?”

Anakin Skywalker.”

“Tell young Skywalker I’ll see him shortly.” He went over and opened the doors to the private lift that went direct to his office in the Senate. As the doors closed, he smiled coldly.