TheKari & Zee's Big Fat Geek Wedding

Back in 2011, Cappers Zee & TheKari announced they were taking
that Nestea plunge of love and getting married! So the Cap-Page Board
swung into high, and had them each pick two movies they wanted
riffed for a special gallery. Zee picked "The Blood Spattered Bride"
and "Bride Of Chucky," and TheKari picked "Coming To America" and
"For Love Or Money." We also included a special 'gift table' for Cappers
to send in best wishes for the couple and submit special pics for riffing.
And on July 4, 2011, we opened up the gallery for fun and frolic! Thanks to
everyone who took part in this special event!

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original Cap-Page Board banner
The original banner used at the Cap-Page Board in 2011..