We live in a time of political confusion. Candidates point fingers at each other, making allegations and claims each other will most certainly deny. Isn't it time you were given a candidate who cuts through all the political mudslinging and actually admits to his crimes? Why spend endless hours wracked weighing the possible guilt or innocence of an empty-suited cipher… when you can sleep easy at night, secure in knowing that you're backing someone honest enough to admit they're dishonest!

You deserve to have a President you can have CONFIDENCE in. You can rest assured that with GlitterRock in the oval office, he'll he using his 25+ years of supervillain-experience for the benefit of YOU, the American people.


This administration has become too fixated on War. War on Terror. War on Crime. GlitterRock doesn't believe in war. He believes in love; in particular, free love. There will be NO war under a GlitterRock presidency.


GlitterRock won't promise not to raise taxes. He'll promise to LOWER taxes! There are plenty of countries that owe the United States money. Under The GlitterRock Presidential Collection Plan, the USA will get what'd owed to them, with interest.

And GlitterRock won't stop there. There's vast, untapped resources overseas waiting to be exploited. In 2003, the Emir of Kreplachistan paid $7 million dollars to kidnappers when his firstborn son was taken from him. Under GlitterRock's administration, he would enact the GlitterRock Transglobal Extortion Plan, projecting ransoms in excess of over $100 million each year. Passing the savings on to YOU, the average citizen.

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