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11/2/04 GlitterRock Displeased at Election Results - Vows Revenge
11/1/04 Pre-Election Thanks and Acknowledgements from Candidate GlitterRock
10/15/04 GlitterRock Prevails At Public Debate
10/13/04 More Voter Questions Answered
9/16/04 Candidate Accepts Party Nomination
7/17/04 Nyssa23 Named As Vice-Presidential Running Mate
7/17/04 Political Contributions List Updated
7/17/04 More Voter Questions Answered
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7/17/04 GlitterRock At Reagan Funeral
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There's no proof the vice-presidential nominee is the same man who can converse with the undead. But have you ever seen them together at the same time? Have you?
Do you have questions for candidate GlitterRock? Ask away, and put all doubts aside. All questions & answers will be posted here.


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A fundraiser at the Glitter Gulch in Las Vegas, NV raises $30,000 in singles for the campaign!