I think I wrote my first story when I was around nine. And, looking back, I still think it's the definitive Popeye On The Moon story of its age! And I'll always remember my Superman story with fondness, if for no other reason that it was then that I learned to spell the word "unconscious."

But as I grew older, I drifted away from writing. I didn't start it again til I was in high school. And that's when I started submitting to fanzines. Eventually, I got over eleven stories published (and this was before the advent of the Internet, and the easy access-and-publish of some fan-fiction sites). I wrote stories based on Starman, Doctor Who and Star Trek: The Next Generation, to name a few. Granted, now I don't write as much I'd like, but I've been inspired by some friends' idea of putting their writing on their websites. And so I have. So, just click on the logoes below, and it'll take you to the stories in question. If you like them, please let me know when you sign the guestbook on the main page. Praise has always been a strong motivator in making one write more. Thanks.

I first wrote this in ten daily installments and posted it on a Blair Witch Project message board. It's a crossover between the worlds of Blair Witch and the TV series Twin Peaks. It's been updated from its original creation, with illustrations added.

Here's a companion piece to The Blue Rose Project, explaining many of the mysteries and enigmatic moments in the story. A sort of "DVD commentary" on the story.

With the final installment of the Star Wars saga just around the corner in the 21st century, I thought it would be interesting to post a little speculative piece I wrote after The Phantom Menace. It concerns what I think will happen at some point in the last film. Be warned ... not for the faint of heart! And remember -- with the prequels, you only think you already know the whole story!

A bunch of the Cappers from got together do to a round robin story of our own. The results are here on this site, featuring the talent and humor of alot of the individuals whose caps are featured in the GlitterDome. Check it out, have a laff or twelve, and tell 'em GlitterRock (or Glitterroch) sent ye!

This is a horror story I've had rattling around in my head for a bit. My first real attempt at writing this sort of thing (The Blue Rose Project, notwithstanding), plus the fact that I'm thinking of doing further stories with the lead character. Let me know what you think!

Doctor Who has long been a favorite fanfic subject of mine. This little story deals with the sixth Doctor, and the events before his regeneration in the story Time And The Rani. The sixth Doctor has always been a character whose gotten short shrift in my opinion, and hopefully this little moment in his life will add a little more substance to his unfortunately short-lived tenure.

I wrote this soon after listening to the Big Finish audio adventure "Master" back in 2003. I was so impressed with the story and characterization that the idea just jumped in front of me, and I wrote it that night. I posted it on the Outpost Gallifrey 'Myth Makers' fiction section, and received perhaps the best feedback I could hope for: the writer of "Master" himself, Joseph Lidster, actually praised it, saying "WOW!!!!! This is great - I am so totally thrilled by this!!! YAY!!"
* WARNING * This contains spoilers for the "Master" audio
(if you're not familiar with it, you can find a synopsis at the "Master" entry at the Doctor Who Reference Guide)

Originally wrote as a laugh for The Doctor Who Forum message board on Outpost Gallifrey, I decided to put this with my other tales. This is my take on what happened before the Master was executed by the Daleks at the beginning of the TV-Movie. Take it with a grain of salt, and enjoy!

Here's the first piece of fanfic I've written since 2003 -- and also marks the first one written for the updated "Doctor Who" series! In a nutshell, it's an "origin" story for the companion Jack Harkness (who's shrouded in mystery already!). It takes place during the first series, along with the Ninth Doctor and Rose, and has teases for events following thereafter. My main inspiration was wanting to fill in the blanks of Jack's life, as well as coming up with some foreshadowing for some ominous events coming up in both his life and the Doctor's.
(I'd written this before the season ending trilogy of "Utopia," "The Sound Of Drums," and "Last Of The Time Lords" ... which ended up utilizing none of my ideas. Oddly enough, it ended up contradicting quite a few of them!)

I originally came up with this while capping "Evolution Of The Daleks." It's pretty wordy for a caption (if you hadn't noticed!), so I decided to stick it in here. It's a biblical take on the start of the Doctor Who TV series, and the creation of a certain pepperpotted race.....